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H&M ramps up Coachella presence with on-site video, social media integration

H&M is taking selfie booths to another level at this year?s Coachella festival with an interactive digital experience that not only makes a lasting impression on attendees for its recycling campaign, but also extends to social video. 

Attendees at Coachella are sharing photographs and videos on social media of themselves stopping by H&M?s tent that includes an interactive digital experience that creates a holistic story regarding its Garment Recycling initiative and water conservation efforts. The installation is modernizing brands? traditional photo booth promotion strategies by recreating an interactive story, and extending the reach to social. 

"Historically, so often the brand picture booth has enabled people to capture a moment with static images," said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. "This year H&M, following the dramatic uplift in people?s insatiable desire for video, social media, and customized experience, has brought all three together to offer the H&M Loves Coachella experience. 

"This marketing tactic is quite smart," he said "They are tapping into a critical insight and understanding of their audience and providing them what they want."

Social experiences
Followers on social media are getting in on the Coachella experience, even if left at home, through user-generated content prompted from H&M. Festival attendees, including a wide range of celebrities, are sharing themselves interacting with H&M?s innovative tent, creating a trendy image for the retailer. 

One of H&M's interactive videos on social media

Festivalgoers enter H&M?s tent, which features a 360-degree scene of a desert, including a green screen. Participants are then exposed to realistic recreations of weather events such as a dust storm through lighting, video and wind movement. 

The experience creates a video that users can share on their social media pages. The tent also features a water bottle filling station to help with its conversation campaign efforts. 

H&M?s Reborn installation also features education on its Garment Recycling initiative, as well as its water conservation efforts, to make a greater impression on consumers, and to make a positive brand image. 

Passersby can also get a look inside the H&M Loves Coachella collection on iPads stationed at its tent, with items available for purchase. The retailer is encouraging photo booth participants to share images with the hashtag #HMLovesCoachella to promote the collection. 

Popular social media user Marc Forne shares H&M style in a sponsored post

A branded photo booth area is installed at the tent for attendees to show off their H&M apparel. H&M is also employing social media influencers to share their Coachella outfits featuring its clothing on social media. 

Harmonizing with H&M
H&M also recently combined the influence of a well-known music artist with mobile video, social media and popular blogger themes for the campaign urging consumers to recycle (see more). 

The retailer was also among a number of brands now appearing in messaging application Kik's new Bot Shop marketplace, potentially driving discovery and use as chatbots gain steam (see more). 

"What I also like about what H&M is doing, however, is that they?re also tapping into the desire for immediacy," Mr. Becker said "By partnering with Revolve, they have been installing popup booths of the latest fashions and enabling same day delivery so that people can get their fashion on for Coachella.  

"These are just two of the many ways H&M has been demonstrating dealing leadership as of late," he said.