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Office Depot teases back-to-school with Snapchat quiz

Office Depot is tapping into Snapchat to prepare students for when they head back to school with brain-teaser contests, keeping the retailer in mind as consumers start shopping for the fall semester. 

Snapchat users will have the chance to win prizes from Office Depot by following the brand on its official account and interacting with the various organic Stories. Leveraging techniques within the photo-sharing application, such as screenshots and Snapchat's drawing feature, users will be able to answer quizzes for a chance to win prizes. 

?Back-to-school is a busy time of year for parents and students with Snapchat users being a part of that audience,? said Kate Porter, senior social media program manager at Office Depot. ?By increasing Office Depot's presence on this platform, we hope to drive engagement and an even greater awareness among this demographic. 

?According to recent statistics, Snapchat has overtaken Twitter as the number two social platform with more than 150 million daily active users with 41 percent in the 18-34 year old range in the U.S.,? she said. 

Office Depot interaction
Consumers that follow Office Depot?s official account on Snapchat will have the chance to win a wide range of prizes in relation to back-to-school season. Office Depot will be sharing brainteasers that range in difficulty on its Snapchat Stories to help users prepare for the upcoming start to school. 

Participants will need to take a screenshot of the Story that features the quiz and then work out the problem by drawing on the picture within the app. Snapchat has a feature enabling users to press a digital pen with a wide range of colors, with which users can then draw on their photos. 

Once users have finished working on the problem on the photo, participants will then send it back to Office Depot?s official Snapchat for a chance to win. Problems will span a wide range of topics, such as advanced Algebra mathematical questions and simple word searches. 
Winners of the various giveaways will be chosen at random out of the users who correctly answered the teasers. 

Snapping success
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?'Snap Back to Great' brain teasers challenges for students will launch during the back-to-school season,? Ms. Porter said. ?Students will be able to screenshot the teasers, solve them by drawing their answers, and then Snap them back to Office Depot for a chance to win prizes. 

?The brainteasers can range from simple word searches to complex Algebra problems,? he said. ?The goal is to motivate students and stimulate learning while helping to prepare them for the upcoming school year.?