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Creme of Nature incites self-empowerment via personalized selfie generator

Hair care brand Creme of Nature?s latest social media campaign aims to celebrate women of color with a personalized selfie generator, cash prizes, mobile-optimized videos and influencer collaborations.

The #byNature campaign is kicking off with user-generated content, a move that is reminiscent of the ethos of the awareness campaign by making it about people, first and foremost. Users can visit the campaign?s mobile-optimized Web site to upload a selfie, select from a word bank to caption their custom image and then share to social media channels.

?Our consumers are everywhere and so is the mobile space, so the two go hand in hand," said Teneya Gholston, director of marketing at Creme of Nature. 

"Our #byNature campaign celebrates the beauty of all women, so we wanted it to ensure that mobile uploading was seamless while being fun and engaging.?

Multichannel awareness
Creme of Nature is posting its own campaign images to its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles with the hashtag #byNature, and will also encourage fans through these channels to post their own #byNature images for a chance to win free samples. One hundred dollars will also be given out weekly to a #byNature poster.

The brand is also undertaking a few forms of outreach to show its commitment to the awareness of natural beauty, collaborating with bloggers, stylists and other such influencers around the country to reach women and highlight what makes them unique.

Another element of the campaign involves the release of a series of mobile-optimized videos, giving everyday women a venue to share both their stories and makeovers, while also encouraging consumers to create their own #byNature videos.

Creme of Nature has been in the market for hair care products for hair of all textures and lengths for over thirty years, and the #byNature awareness campaign marks the latest iteration of outreach for a brand thats market often goes hand-in-hand with social awareness, with the availability of hair care products for women of color so limited in comparison to need.

Social outreach
Awareness campaigns play especially well on mobile because of the integration of multiple channels into one platform, creating something akin to a vertical market right in the palm of the consumer?s hand. The interactivity of social media, combined with access to both blogging content and a camera means that Creme of Nature has a powerful tool at its disposal in mobile, but only if it uses it correctly.

Recently, American Eagle Outfitters employed interactive media, featuring a mobile-optimized quiz as the cornerstone for a partnership with Bright Pink for breast and ovarian cancer awareness (see story).

And earlier this month, Burger King unveiled an innovative new awareness campaign that universalizes the experience of illiteracy with branded menu cards and packaging that features unintelligible gibberish in place of English description, meant to relate the difficulty in completing even the simplest tasks? such as ordering food? when literacy is an issue (see story).

"Creme of Nature celebrates the beauty of all women and all hair types," Ms. Gholston said. "We love to see our consumers styling their hair using our products and owning their beauty. 

"We celebrate our consumers so that they are empowered to be their best selves at home, in the workplace and in the community."