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L?Occitane celebrates Singles? Day with Snapchat campaign

Personal care brand L?Occitane is choosing to celebrate Valentine?s Day?s more insular counterpart with a campaign that features shoppable ads and a cosmopolitan brand message.

The campaign began on Saturday, November 5, and will continue on for a week until Singles? Day, November 11. It will primarily take place within Snapchat?s Snap Ads platform and target primarily U.S. customers.

?Single?s Day will be the first campaign in which L?Occitane will test Snap Ads,? said Serena Kolber, digital marketing director at L?Occitane. ?We are looking forward to learning how consumers, who we know are spending time on the mobile platform, are engaging with our innovative approach to media in terms of awareness and purchase. 

?The creative messaging of ?treating yourself? is part of L?Occitane?s brand, it?s an integrative approach to educate consumers about the quality of the product and encourage them to celebrate themselves on this holiday.?

Singles? Day
The campaign will, among other components, feature ads that will allow users to shop directly within the Snapchat platform, just with a swipe. The Snapchat webview ads feature L?Occitane beauty products just in time for the holiday season, including theAlmond gift set and a 2016 limited edition Advent Calendar.

L'Occitane's Advent Calendar

It comes as no surprise that the Singles? Day campaign is specifically targeted towards the younger cohort of L?Occitane?s potential customer base, and the beauty brand is looking to play the long game by urging them to adopt the ?Provencal lifestyle: one that celebrates being optimistic, authentic, and carefree,? and is named after founder Olivier Baussan?s roots in Provence, France.

?L?Occitane embraces the Provencal lifestyle, one where celebrating is a way of life and taking inspiration from nature, where beauty can be experienced through all senses,? Ms. Kolber said. ?Single?s Day is the perfect opportunity for L?Occitane to stand with the independent women who are our consumers, providing another way to make her life beautiful through our holiday gift sets. 

?We chose Snapchat as one of the channels for the campaign as our youngest consumers lead a busy lifestyle, and can still find the time to treat themselves and indulge, Single?s Day was the perfect occasion to embrace that message.?

Snap Ads
Snapchat has become one of the most conspicuous new platforms for organic advertising as of late, and with campaigns like Singles? Day, the trend is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Brand content associated with the Singles' Day campaign

Victoria?s Secret is influencing its millennial demographic to come into its bricks-and-mortar stores through a special Snapchat freebie, in an adapted version of its iconic coupons (see story). 

And a Hired executive at ad:tech New York 2016 explained that Snapchat?s user base is quantitatively proven to be the most engaged out of all major platforms, meaning brands and retailers need to dive into the application to tap into a marketing goldmine (see story). 

?Effective holiday campaigns provide differentiated offerings for consumers: the perfect item for someone still on their shopping list,? Ms. Kolber said. ?All of Snapchat?s ad products? especially those with attachments? provide an opportunity to showcase the brand creatively on and native to a platform. 

?I think that we will see more consumer brands leveraging the suite of ad products that Snapchat offers this holiday season and into 2017.?