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Twitter continues challenging cable with Golden Globes live stream

Twitter is continuing to challenge major cable providers by offering live-streaming coverage of the Golden Globes on its mobile and desktop platforms, giving consumers more options to circumvent traditional cable plans.  

The coverage will come courtesy of Twitter?s live streaming services of both the Golden Globes and a preshow. The social media giant is hoping to compete with traditional media outlets such as TV networks that are the usual dominant force in covering these kinds of live events.

"Twitter is where the conversation about the Golden Globes happens. Viewers Tweet along before, during and after the award show," said Anthony Noto, chief operating officer at Twitter. "Our collaboration with The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and dick clark productions for this red carpet show will bring high quality live content and commentary to the masses through Twitter."

Untraditional media
In a time when social media platforms such as Facebook are debating whether to consider themselves media outlets are not and what kinds of responsibilities that entails, Twitter is diving right in by positioning itself as a direct competitor to TV networks for covering live events.

The Golden Globes, one of the few popular awards shows to be televised (along with other celebrity-heavy shows such as the Grammys) will this year be streamed over Twitter, in addition to regular TV coverage.

This is a bold encroachment on traditional TV territory by Twitter, which is seeking to expand its horizons from content-neutral social media platform to a content-producing and broadcasting media company.

While Twitter has live streamed events before from the promotional to the commercial, landing the Golden Globes represents a heightening of that ambition, expanding from simple sponsored video posts to genuine broadcasting coverage.

The event will also get its own Twitter-streamed live pre-show. The pre-show is being produced by dick clark entertainment in association with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The pre-show will be streamed live from the red carpet outside the event and will feature all the interviews and analysis that one would expect from any standard TV broadcast.

"The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is always searching for innovative ways and original tools to reach our audience wherever it is as Hollywood comes together on one night to celebrate the best in motion pictures and television ? and Twitter is the recognized partner to help us expand our audience," said HFPA president Lorenzo Soria. "With the community that Twitter has built, together we will bring the magic of the Golden Globe Awards red carpet to the homes and eyes of aspiring storytellers across the country."

Twitter broadcasting
Twitter?s live streaming capabilities came out quietly earlier this year but has already served up some of its biggest marketing content in the few months since it debuted.

One of its biggest lands outside of the Golden Globes was a series of live streamed panels and interviews with the cast and crew of Star Wars Rogue One. With one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world along with some big celebrities, the promotion was a huge win for Twitter (see story).

But the Golden Globes are likely to raise its profile even further as it now takes a step directly into terrain of traditional TV broadcasts.

Broadcasting is a competitive market already, but Twitter has the advantage of a massive built-in audience and the relatively flexible platform of digital media as opposed to traditional TV.

If its coverage of the Golden Globes turns out to be a success, Twitter is likely to continue its foray into original broadcasting material.

"Twitter is critical to the live element of our shows by connecting audiences through real time conversation," said Mike Mahan, president of dick clark productions. "Through this partnership we will create a unique live streaming pre-show experience that takes our audience closer to the Golden Globes."