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Mobile spending poised for further growth: eTail exhibitors

PHILADELPHIA ? Retailers? investments in mobile show no signs of slowing down as these marketers continue to explore how to stay top-of-mind in light of how the path to purchase is evolving, according to exhibitors at eTail East 2014. 

Spending on mobile is already up over the past couple of years and the pace is expected to continue unabated over the next 12 months. Retailers will be investing to explore how best to use mobile, including streamlining mobile checkout, leveraging SMS and how to increase engagement with applications. 

Mobile Marketer?s May Yeung spoke to exhibitors and asked them the question, ?What are your clients saying about mobile spending next year?? Here is what they had to say.

Ron Urbanski, account executive at Artisan Mobile, Philadelphia, PA
Our clients are saying about mobile spending for the next year is certainly going to increase. They?re going to spend a lot more in efforts to understand how their users are interacting with their apps and to see what they can do to increase user engagement as well as testing to see which types of things resonates better for them.

Ed Wolf, director of sales for North America at Optimove, New York
Everyone is interested in mobile for the next year, absolutely, it?s obviously a hot topic. We hear that they?re going to be spending a lot on figuring out how to best use mobile, they all know they need it and they know they need to get more out of it, but not sure what to do with it.
David Shear, president and co-founder of SheerID, Eugene, OR
What our clients saying about mobile spending is, it is up this year.
Jeffrey Pavelcsyk, director of ad sales at Fluent, New York
What are my clients saying about mobile spending for next year, as of right now we?re looking at an increase. We looked at the mobile spending increase of last year 2013 and 2014 roughly about 15 percent, and I would probably say the same thing for next year.
Mark Wert, account executive at Jumio, Palo Alto, CA
Our clients are pushing all their efforts towards mobile spending. Our product actually speeds up the mobile transactions, removes friction from mobile payments so if you?re at mobile checkout you can just point your phone at your credit card and remove the 16 digit card number, 4 digit expiration date, as well as your name, so our product is helping our customers to push towards that mobile initiative.
Christoph Belanger, account executive at Mozu, Austin, TX
Our clients are definitely spending more money on mobile, we actually have mobile as part of our platform. We?re seeing about 40 percent of traffic coming from mobile today and mobile is growing at about 25 percent per year typically across our customers and prospects.
Mike Coskey, account manager at Asendia, Philadelphia
Regarding mobile spending it is definitely increasing over the next year, it is just only going to go up for now.
Wes Yee, demand generation lead at Piquora, San Francisco
Mobile is definitely on the radar for our clients next year.
Daniel Cain, insider sales at Informatica, Cary, NC
We have a whole team that is just dedicated to SMS at this point because of an anticipated increase spent of mobile marketing just statistically most consumers have a cellphone within arms reach most of the day so we really see it as the next phase and probably going to eclipse emails here in the near future as it already has in the age of pacific.
Jeff Barto, trust strategist at Symantec, Mountain View, CA
Our clients are particularly for trust services and product climate, we are marketing and promoting here aren?t much saying much about mobile spending for the next year. We know that their concern is mobile both for our product and for theirs but really they don?t get in to spending budgets at all with us.