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Heineken reflects essence of James Bond?s cutting-edge gadgets via mobile

Heineken continues a recent spate of mobile-driven strategies with a tie-in for the film Spectre that includes the mobile-first launch of a new ad, the first-ever selfie from space and limited-edition bottles that are scannable for a chance to win free movie tickets.  

Heineken, which has a long-running partnership with the James Bond franchise, is taking the opportunity with the latest entry to project a cutting-edge and innovative positioning for the brand, with mobile at the center. The new James Bond film Spectre will be released in Britain on Oct. 26 and in the United States on Nov. 6. 

?As a brand we are very excited about [the Facebook ad and limited-edition bottles],? said Ralph Riis, senior vice president of marketing at Heineken USA. ?Each are unique and firsts for Heineken that are going to bring our consumer closer to the Spectre experience. 

?Our launch with Facebook mobile allows us to quickly reach and engage with a large and extremely targeted audience while the 1 in 007 free movie ticket promotion actively drives sales and secures in-store displays for the brand,? he said. 

Mobile-first on Facebook
The beer brand?s integrated global Spectre campaign includes a new spot featuring actor Daniel Craig as James Bond that will be launched mobile-first on Facebook before making its way to television and movie theaters. 
Heineken will also use a satellite to take photos of select consumers while anyone will be able to use their phone to scan a beer bottle to access Spectre content and for a chance to win free tickets to the film. 

The new TV spot, titled The Chase, features a young woman who inadvertently becomes involved in a high-speed boat chase and helps James Bond save the day along the way. 

The ad was launched on Facebook 24 hours before it begins appearing on TV and in cinemas worldwide. 

The campaign will also include an engagement opportunity build around the popularity of selfies that Heineken is calling a Spyfie. Partnering with UrtheCast, a company that operates commercial cameras on the International Space Station and on the Deimos satellite, Heineken will take ultra HD selfies of attendees at an exclusive film screening in a secret location using the satellite camera and a relay of technology. The content will be customized for each attendee and will be sent to their mobile devices so it can be shared on social media. 

Shopper activation
Heineken has also distributed half a billion limited-edition Heineken and Heineken Light bottles and packaging featuring the Spectre logo. The Bond-themed bottles also include a unique scannable logo and codes. 

By using a mobile phone, visiting the Heineken Web site and scanning the front of one of the limited-edition bottles, consumers will be able to find out if they have won free movie tickets in partnership with Fandango as well as unlock original Spectre content. 

?Overall, mobile plays a large role in this campaign,? Mr. Riis said. ?Our TVC ?The Chase? that launched [on Sept. 21] was launched first on Facebook mobile and will launch online and television on Tuesday 9/22. 

?Additionally, to further heighten anticipation ahead of the movie?s release, an estimated half a billion limited edition Heineken and Heineken Light bottles and packaging launched nationwide today, featuring the James Bond Spectre logo,? he said. ?The new Bond-themed bottles also include a unique scan-able logo and codes on each, unlocking free movie tickets in partnership with Fandango as well as original Spectre content. 

?Using any mobile device, visit and scan the front of any Heineken Bond limited edition packaging to determine winners.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is senior editor on Mobile Marketer, New York