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Marketers need to push for quality mobile content: Mondelez exec

During the session, Forget Unicorns: Breeding Dragons in a Mobile World, the executive emphasized that while marketers now must be creators of content, they are not publishers, as they are paying for their content to be shown instead of consumers and advertisers coming to them because of the content?s high quality. Mondelez?s Oreo brand was a key example of this when the brand went with an ad agency for its mobile game, instead of a gaming developer, and saw little success.  

"The idea is how do we take early stage ideas and put some fire power behind them from big organizations," said B. Bonin Bough, chief media and ecommerce officer at Mondel?z International. "I think you can create huge, faster billion-dollar businesses."

Dunking mobile moments

The relaunched version of the game saw 4 million downloads, a huge step up from its original launch. The story reveals how important quality is in appealing to consumers today, especially with mobile. 

Marketers not publishers
Many marketers may think of themselves as publishers but the reality is that publishers are being paid based on the quality of their content and marketers are paying for their content to be out there. This means the motivation behind content creation is not as strong. 

While big brands have the resources to launch massive campaigns, they need to start thinking in terms of startups. Mondelez decided to change its approach recently, and launched an initiative to be fearless. 

Many executives at Mondelez were sent to startups, in an attempt to bring a startup attitude and pair it with a big brand that has massive resources.  

"How do we breed dragons, faster growing millennial dollar businesses that basically use the mindset of a startup business but the strength of a parent company to launch industry disruptive models that are faster and stronger," Mr. Bough said. "At the end of the day the one thing we have is scale, funding and brands that people care about. We don't have to start from scratch."