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Kraft Heinz ups commitment to mobile shopper marketing following initial success

Kraft Heinz is grabbing a big serving of mobile shopper marketing via a new seven-year partnership with Fetch Rewards in an effort to drive in-store conversions and gain insight into shopping behavior. 

In a recent test, shoppers who scanned Heinz Ketchup with the Fetch app received a deal for the condiment brand?s mustard, resulting in a 20 percent conversion. Already available in a handful of stores, the new partnership will focus on bringing the mobile-driven shopping experience to more stores and consumers. 

?Kraft Heinz is excited about the ability Fetch offers them to engage with shoppers while they are in the aisle, in front of a shelf, holding products in their hands,? said Birk Cooper, head of marketing at Fetch Rewards

?Fetch shoppers are using their mobile devices as a means to shop, which changes the game when it comes to inspiring those shoppers,? he said. 

Next-generation shopping
For Kraft Heinz, the partnership is a way to leverage next-generation shopping tools designed help time-constrained, budget-conscious consumers while inspiring and engaging with shoppers in a meaningful and measurable way. 

The CPG marketer is currently running three types of promotions on Fetch. Basket-building promotions enable shopper to earn Fetch Points when they purchase a qualifying item. The points can be used at checkout to get items in a shopper?s cart for free. 

The featured deals promotion are shown to shoppers when they open the app and can be targeted by geography, demographics or temporally. 

Triggered deals are presented based on an action. For example, if a shopper were to scan eggs, a Kraft deal for $.75 off bacon could appear for the shopper. 

Unlocking mobile rewards
The Fetch Rewards mobile app enables shoppers in participating grocery stores to scan items as they shop using the camera on their mobile device. With each scan, shoppers earn Fetch Points, which are redeemable for free items at checkout. Scans also unlock access to coupons that can be applied instantly. 

The app is designed to further enhance the shopping experience by providing users with a running total, access to past receipts and the ability to create and maintain digital shopping lists. 

At checkout, cashiers scan a single bar code on the shopper?s phone and all of the items in their digital cart are transferred directly into the point-of-sale system. 

Shoppers then pay as they normally would. 

Fetch Rewards in currently available in seven states at retailers such as Gerrity's Supermarkets, members of Piggy Wiggly Midwest, Quillin's Quality Foods, a 9-store group with Affiliated Midwest, Econo out of Puerto Rico and several other regional chains. 

Mobile shopper marketing
Fetch claims to be driving results for retailers as well as brands. The company reports that 37 percent of Fetch shoppers shop more often at a participating store and 5 percent are new to the store. 

Additionally, Fetch says it has driven an average increase in basket size for retailers of 18 percent. 

For brands, they get access to shopper data such as scan order, dwell time, purchase abandonment and price sensitivity. 

A number of CPG marketers are embracing mobile shopper marketing. 

Mondelez is partnering with a number of mobile startups to help it better harness mobile and social data to drive in-store purchases (see story). 

Clorox is focused on precision targeting enabled via mobile as a way to enhance shopper marketing (see story). 

?With 95 percent of shoppers still going to the grocery store to do their shopping, Fetch offers them a platform to engage with shoppers where they currently are, as well as a future bridge to online shopping,? Mr. Cooper said.