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Urban Decay's Snapchat filter mimics capabilities of augmented reality app

Makeup brand Urban Decay is bringing beauty product augmented reality experiences into the mainstream by giving Snapchat users a preview of its try-on application through a special lens filter that shows what different lipstick shades would look like on someone's face. 

Urban Decay recently released a large lipstick line with an app to match, that allows users to swipe left or right on colors from the line. To bring the app and the lipstick line to the attention of mainstream consumers, Urban Decay created a Snapchat lens filter that mimics the capabilities of the app. 

?Urban Decay's Snapchat lens is showcasing its product the Vice Lipstick App, allowing potential new viewers to test the product to get them interested in downloading the app,? said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. ?The ability to test an app experience through a Snapchat lens is a brilliant marketing move.  

?Most brands deliver an app experience and talk about it, promote it through imagery and text, but the real grab for a user is to test before they download, potentially multiplying new users by a very large percentage,? she said. ?The audience on Snapchat, in the millions daily, is the perfect audience for this promotional test.?

Snapchat beauty lens 

The Snapchat filter brought the trend of makeup testing through augmented reality seen in the busty into a more mainstream atmosphere. The virtual testing experience is now being put in front of a bevy of consumers who maybe interested in the products, but not as aware of in the lesser-known beauty augmented reality apps. 

Augmenting beauty
Covergirl was recently another in the growing line of beauty marketers embracing augmented reality by launching a new app that features a long questionnaire for a more personalized approach (see more). 

Slate Cosmetics also sponsored an augmented reality app that enables users to live chat with friends using filters created by beauty brands to showcase product possibilities (see more).

?Augmented reality is a God send to beauty brands and a match made in heaven,? Ms. Troutman said. ?With the ability for consumers to test styles, looks and colors through AR, brands are able to raise awareness through testing and ultimately ramp their consumer base and sales.?