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Travel site NileGuide launches free iPhone app

Trip-planning Web site NileGuide launched an iPhone application that makes travel guides and itineraries interactive using location-based technology.

The Guide to Go application gives NileGuide users the ability to access their itineraries from their iPhone and investigate each component on their list such as hotels, activities, restaurants or nightlife. Each element of the guide is accompanied by local commentary, photos and contact information.

"We already enable our users to download and print their own customized guides for free, and now we enable them to bring their guides with them on their phone for free as well," said Josh Steinitz, CEO at NileGuide, San Francisco.

"Plus, we wanted to enable any user, whether a NileGuide account holder or not, to access top rated suggested trip itineraries from around the world directly on their device, with some location-based intelligence built in," he said.

NileGuide is a travel planning Web site that prides itself on its production of customized itineraries for the any type of traveler, unique to specific tastes and preferences.

NileGuide claims that Guide to Go is a reasonable extension of the travel site with its mobile and location-based capabilities.

To extend the application to individuals outside of the NileGuide community, Guide to Go is completely free.

"We believe the Guide To Go application will be super-helpful for any traveler with an iPhone," Mr. Steinitz said.

"Of course, iPhone users tend to be more tech-savvy (and travel-savvy) then the general population, so it's really a perfect fit, since NileGuide is an especially good solution for travelers looking for unique or special experiences, in addition to the well-known hot spots," he said.

Users also have the option to browse through premade itineraries created by NileGuide "local experts," users and select travel brands.

Day maps display all of the planned daily activities and every point of interest is viewable in relation to the user's location.

Guide to Go also offers full guidebook information for each destination. Users can research history, weather and suggested spots to sleep, eat and drink in order to choose the most ideal vacation spots according to their interests.

The application features "Hidden Gems," "Budget" and "Foodie" suggestions for users to map out their options from right where they stand.

NileGuide offers trip ideas for over 100 destinations worldwide.

"We believe that delivering high-quality content with location-based intelligence is a massive opportunity, since it adds a critical relevancy filter to any search experience," Mr. Steinitz said.

"Anything that can help our users cut through content clutter is a good thing. In the future, we'll be able to deliver push recommendations via SMS or other means specifically based on a user's location and stored preferences," he said.