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Levi?s taps iBeacons to rejuvenate brand and reel in shoppers

Apparel brand Levi Strauss and Co.?s Live in Levi?s brand reintroduction campaign has combined its efforts with the use of iBeacon-enabled billboards, prompting customers with an offer and driving them into nearby stores.

IBeacons have been more prevalently used as a method of targeted and relative advertising, catching the shopper at just the right time while they are near a store. The Live in Levi?s campaign is a well-rounded attempt to attract consumers in multiple ways through iBeacons, user-generated content and social implications.


?When properly used, beacon technology can be very effective, as it enables brands to capitalize on granular location data,? said Karen Pattani-Hason, director of agency relations at Urban Airship, New York. ?Levi's can gather this data on their customers for use both in-store and for future campaigns.

?Knowing where in-store their customers browse can provide invaluable insights on product preferences that can be used at a later date. This data could also be used to drive future traffic to stores, with relevant offers based on items the consumer has considered, based on Beacons location data.?

Ms. Pattani-Hason is not affiliated with Levi?s but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Levi?s did not comment by press deadline.

Driving in-store
Consumers have access to these billboards in major cities, where users can simply scan the ad with their smartphone and receive a notification of a nearby store and a promotional offer.

The campaign showcases a YouTube video encouraging fans to wear their jeans during exciting experiences and not to bore them.

Live in Levi?s: Just don?t bore them

Furthermore, in an effort to promote its fall 2014 collection, and particularly the 511 slim jean style for men and Revel style for women, the campaign will also feature a reimagined version of the 501 jean style, the western shirt and trucker jacket. 

Levi?s collaborated with Foote, Cone and Belding and The House Worldwide to develop this campaign and is asking fans to submit their videos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #LiveInLevis.

Film on mobile
The Live in Levi?s campaign reflects a new direction for the brand, with mobile driving brand awareness and laying the groundwork for a new platform encouraging self-expression. 

The campaign, which promotes the brand?s fall 2014 collection, encourages mobile submissions showcasing everyday life in the brand?s clothing that will be compiled into a social film later this year. The assembled stories will serve as an engagement platform for users and their shared experiences (see story).

Levi?s and Warner Bros. Records are the first two brands to launch new in-cinema campaigns as part of a partnership between Screenvision and SoundHound to elevate the moviegoing experience via mobile.

Warner Bros. Records and Levi?s are rolling out nationwide campaigns that will run during Screenvision?s ?Front & Center? 20 minute programming before films begin. Both brands will integrate a SoundHound call-to-action into their cinema ads that encourage consumers to download the app to unlock additional content (see story).

The Levi's team likely approached this campaign with unity across multiple platforms in mind.


?Levi's campaign ?Live in Levi's? capitalizes on the authenticity of the iconic brand,? Ms. Pattani-Hason said. ?This global campaign is a multi-channel effort designed to engage and activate consumers through real-life and virtual experiences.  

?Beacons can leverage and expand this campaign by enabling Levi's to know and communicate with their best customers, which is their app users, wherever they encounter a Beacon, and drive them to retail stores as well as to specific locations while in store, using beacon technology.?

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Marketer, New York