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Content magic lies in right mix of channels, devices: PepsiCo exec

NEW YORK ? A PepsiCo executive at the Mobile Marketing Association?s Mobile Location Leadership Forum emphasized that while it is easier to focus on measuring and developing creative for mobile only, bringing together multiple platforms is key for a successful content strategy. 

During the panel, Keeping Pace with Consumer Expectations, the executive explained that consumers are interacting with a wide range of channels and devices, and while it is much less complicated to focus on data, results and creative for one platform, the magic lies within mixing it all together. Grouping digital together as one facet can be damaging to marketers, and many should focus on separating search, social and location. 

?When we are doing mobile-only it is a little easier because we can measure the effect of that campaign,? said Angelique Krembs, vice president of marketing activation of US beverages at PepsiCo. ?I think the bigger opportunity is to get a mix that puts all these pieces together because obviously, we do a mix of media now. 

?I think digital tends to be grouped together, so that is one thing we actually want to separate out: search, social and location to understand how they work together complementary,? she said. ?First it has to start with getting content that works differently and together, and then you can actually measure to get the mix right. 

?I think that is what we all are waiting for.?

Creative cross-channel 
It can be a challenge for marketers to weave a cohesive story across a variety of platforms, but it is what they should be striving for in today?s crowded, multichannel industry. Tapping into data for each channel and creative can also be a challenge, but can help in accomplishing this multiplatform story. 

Marketers should not just be sharing the exact same content across all mediums, but interpreting it differently for each particular channel. For instance, a mobile video pre-roll ad should be shorter than a television ad and offer something more attention grabbing to reduce the number of users who choose to skip the ad. 

While data can give great insight on how to best accomplish these marketing goals, and there is a substantial amount of it, marketers are still having difficulty determining how to best leverage it all. 

Missing the target
Personalized and tailored creative content is great for appealing to consumers, but that is not always possible. Data can help gain insights for tailoring content to individuals who are most likely to be receptive, and help avoid inundating consumers with useless content. 
But for many marketers, that poses a challenge. Minimal targeting is possible with creative, but to have a fine-tuned completely targeted creative is not common right now and will likely be more accessible in the future. 

?I think one of the big opportunities and challenges, is that we have so much data,? Ms. Krembs said. ?I think it is a matter of how to put it all together in a way that is usable. 

?The last thing you want is being bombarded with messages that do not apply,? she said. ?We do a lot of analysis to pull it all together.?