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NBC promotes Heroes Reborn with YouTube stars in 360 video

NBC is leveraging 360 video technology and a popular YouTube star for the debut of Heroes Reborn in an attempt to harness the growing interest in mobile video and unique content to standout in the fall television premiere frenzy.

Popular YouTubers Zach King, Sam and Aaron were featured in a video to promote NBC?s mini series continuation of the popular drama Heroes, putting a unique spin on a typical video promo. Viewers of the promotional video are able to watch the stars showcase their own fictional super power with the freedom to explore around the setting through their mobile devices. 

"The value of developing unique mobile video experiences is it helps reinforce a brands message with an easy to understand interaction with the consumer without a lot of thought," said Marci Troutman, CEO of Siteminis. "The key to success is to make sure the video is short, on point, easy to understand and has a follow through to an action at the end. 

"The action at the end could simply be a 'share' or 'like' option to help the viral effect."

Fall frenzy
As mobile video continues to skyrocket within consumer use, marketers have to develop unique content to standout amongst the rest. Especially this month while networks are pushing their primetime lineups as new series release and old ones return. 

Heroes Reborn is attempting to wow viewers through a virtual reality video, which allows YouTube users to travel through the scene at their own pace. The network partnered with Vine and YouTube sensation Zach King, who is known for his shock-and-awe videos, which showcase unbelievable events created through video editing.  

The video stars Zach, along with other popular YouTube big name users known for their video editing techniques as well such as Aaron from AaronsAnimals and Sam from SoKrispyMedia. Viewers watch the three men share their own super powers after watching a Heroes Reborn trailer. 

Zach displays how he can multiple any inanimate object such as pizza and money, while Aaron can materialize anything displayed on paper and Sam can enlarge any item. While viewing, users can follow along the action by moving their phones to view any side of the room they wish to see. 
For instance, while each character is showing off their powers from various sides of the room to follow the action the user moves their phone in that direction. However, if they wish to see the other characters reactions or something else they can choose to do so as well and move their device towards whatever they want to see. 

Power of video 
Similarly, Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson took fans on a ride around the world via Periscope in a unique spin on live streaming product unveils, manifesting the app?s potential in obtaining special brand-consumer relationships (see more). 

Also, Disney jumped in on a current YouTube trend to promote merchandise from the newest installment of the cult classic Star Wars films in an attempt to further dramatize the unveiling of its line of toy (see more). 

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer