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Project Gravitas bridges mobile, print with message-in-a-box program

Women?s apparel retailer Project Gravitas is bridging print and mobile by sharing positive messages created on the Vivoom application inside boxes delivered to customers. 

Project Gravitas? overall brand goal is to make women feel more confident and its latest campaign is a fun way to brighten its customers? days and create a stronger relationship. Customers who purchase products online will receive a card with a positive message taken from user videos on the mobile video app Vivoom along with their order. 

"If you are a fashion brand who is not involved with mobile user generated content you might as well cease to exist," said Guillaume Lelait, general manager at Fetch. "Mobile user generated content has numerous benefits for brands and the public alike. 

"The public, or in this case younger fashion saavy consumers, seek to identify with brands who match their personal beliefs and style," he said. "Consumers love to share their voice and opinions across social platforms, with a brand utilizing mobile generated content consumers will feel a sense of care with a brand and the ability to feel heard. 

"Everyone is included and everyone?s voice is valued with UGC, this is something that is unachievable with any other medium. As for the broadcaster, they will establish stronger connections and gain invaluable consumer insight on their product. Ultimately, this will also allow the brand to have more access to a wider variety of content and opinions."

Messages in mobile

The brand will be taking the videos and turning them into cards to be sent out with orders. Project Gravitas is hoping to create a chain of positivity in almost a pay it forward format, with each customer creating their own positive message video after receiving a card of their own. 

The videos through the app are 21 seconds long and essentially allows consumers to create the marketing content, which is known to have a much more authentic appeal. The brand specifically chose a mobile video platform for the pull it has with viewers, stating that consumers spend six times more viewing time with branded content on mobile. 

The campaign is a small gesture that goes a long way, making a lasting impression on consumers. 

Content from the campaign will also be shared on social media with the hashtag  #MessageinaPGBox. 

Empowerment in mobile
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"Project Gravitas main objective is to, 'empower every woman to have a confident sense of self,'" Mr.  Lelait said. "The beauty in this messaging is that every woman has a unique definition of self-confidence and wishes to share it with the world. 

"With custom printed cards generated by Vivoom and apparel deliveries, consumers will be overjoyed to be associated with a brand who understands their style and personal definition of confidence," he said. "Project Gravitas will ultimately be recognized in the public as a brand who truly cares about women?s confidence and their messaging. 

"This invokes trust between broadcasters and fans alike, which is unmatchable through any other medium. Project Gravitas is taking a more distinguished approach to inner beauty and branded mobile content in comparison to other fashion brands that simply care about apparel and not the consumer."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer