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Verizon goes full throttle with mobile for go90 reality series

The Runner, produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, will air on Verizon?s mobile video application go90 and follow contestants as they attempt to travel throughout the United States without being detected by their 'chasers.' Mr. Damon and Mr. Affleck will voice a range of mobile advertisements to boost awareness for the series, but throughout the show, viewers will be able to get involved at home by following the show on social media and guessing clues from the series. 

"The Runner raises the stakes for reality series in the streaming video space," said Chip Canter, general manager of digital wntertainment at Verizon. "Real-time captured footage, lightning speed editing, three action-packed episodes daily and interactive viewer participation is a first for online and television."

Mobility in viewing
The new reality show offers $1 million dollars to one runner who can make it across the country without being tracked by what the show is calling chasers. The series offers a unique viewing experience as it is airing on Verizon?s video app go90 that only offers mobile device viewability. 

Three live episodes of The Runner will air every day on go90. Viewers will be able to keep up with the contestant in real-time during episodes. 

Airing today, Mr. Affleck and Mr. Damon provided voiceovers for a 30-second ad spot for the show that appeared on Verizon?s mobile channels to help encourage viewers to tune in. Well-known YouTube creator MatPat will host the series, in a bid to play up the mobile theme. 

Throughout the series, users will be able to engage with the show through social media by filling the spot of a chaser while at home. The chasers in the competition will be given clues as to where the Runner is located, and viewers at home will be able to submit their answers by going to  

Social media users can pick a favorite chase team to follow and give them help and insight via Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Engaged users will be entered to win $1,000 through a lottery system that gives the most engaged fans a leg up on the competition. 

Entertainment and mobile
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"[The Runner] aligns perfectly with our vision for go90, which is to push the boundaries on mobile and digital entertainment to suit our audience," Mr. Canter said.