Jack Link's taps user-generated videos for Sasquatch-themed campaign

Jack Links is rolling out a new campaign featuring its famous Sasquatch mascot, but this time there is a mobile twist that sees consumers submitting user-generated videos on social media.

The brand is also partnering with pro basketball player Karl-Anthony Towns for a video spot, which will debut on the brand?s social media pages. This campaign is meant to drive social engagement for the brand in an effort to capture more sales.

"Building on the success we've seen with Workin' Out With Sasquatch, we're expanding the integrated campaign as Jack 's jerky continues to protein-power the lives of all types of athletes," said TD Dixon, chief marketing officer at Jack Link's. "Featuring Karl-Anthony Towns alongside Sasquatch was an obvious choice for Jack Link's.

"They're both tall and share the same shoe size, so naturally we knew they'd get along great," he said.

Sasquatch workout
The new spot from Jack Link?s is a continuation of its Sasquatch-themed video ads in which the famous cryptid is teased or tricked and responds aggressively. 

A new twist with this video spot is that the Sasquatch will be training with professional basketball player Katl-Anthony Towns, who, at seven feet and 250 pounds, rivals the Sasquatch himself in size.

The video series will debut on the brand?s social media pages and YouTube channel before making the rounds on TV as well.

Jack Link?s is hoping that this campaign will help to snatch up valuable younger mobile consumers who are more likely to see social media ads than television ads.

To aid with appealing to this demographic, Jack Links is offering a small contest to consumers.

Jack Link?s is offering a selection of prizes for conusmers who submit video entries online at a mobile-optimized site and over social media with the hashtag #SlamDunkProtein.

User-generated content
Beef jerky is not a brand normally associated with the cutting edge of zeitgeist cool, but Jack Link?s is looking to change that perception with its quirky, humorous advertising style.

Additionally, while jerky may not be the most popular type of food, it is traditionally popular among athletes, making the brand?s partnership with Mr. Towns an inspired choice that capitalizes on its athletic associations.

That connection is made explicit in the video spots, which show Mr. Towns exercising with the Sasquatch.

This campaign is not unlike other recent initiatives from comparable brands, such as one from earlier this week where Folgers asked its consumers to record videos of themselves covering the iconic Folgers jingle (see story).

That campaign also saw the brand make use of user-generated videos for free content and to engage potential customers.

Foot Locker is another brand with a strong athletic association, and it also capitalized on that connection with a recent video spot featuring Russell Westbrook (see story).

Jack Link?s is also using its connection to athletics and popular sports figures to appeal to a younger crowd.

"Jerky is an amazing protein-packed snack," Mr. Towns said. "Sasquatch is my favorite beast and Link?s is my favorite jerky; there's absolutely no better combo in the league."