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MTV courts young women with #SeeHer video campaign

MTV and the Association of National Advertisers are coming together for a social video campaign highlighting the resilience and groundbreaking work of women in a variety of industries.

The videos will play on mobile and social media as well as on television. This partnership sees MTV aiming to target young women with an empowering message and sharable content.

?We are honored to bring the #SeeHer campaign to life on MTV and use the power of our platforms to inspire our audience with these women?s stories of ingenuity, perseverance, and success,? said Robyn DeMarco, executive vice president of programming and content strategy at MTV.

Since MTV?s heyday in the 90s, the media company has been seeking for a way to get back some of the popularity and viewership it lost.

Part of that strategy has seen the company switching to a digital focus, along with the rest of the industry.

On the other hand, MTV is also trying to bring in new customer bases by changing the thrust of the content it pushes.

That is why MTV is now partnering with the ANA for a new social video campaign that seeks to target young women with an inspiring series of videos.

These videos are part of the #SeeHer campaign, and the series is called A Woman Did That.

Each video in the series is a profile of a different woman doing groundbreaking work in their respective field.

These women include Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder and author of Muslim Girl: Coming of Age, Laurie Hernandez, Olympic gold medalist and Rihanna.

Each video delves into what they are doing for their industry and the setbacks they have faced. 

?The ANA is fully committed to the #SeeHer initiative, and we are extremely proud to lead this movement for our industry. Raising awareness of #SeeHer and our mission to promote more accurate representation of all women and girls in media through A Woman Did That programming during Women?s History Month is a pivotal step for us,? said Bob Liodice, CEO of the ANA.

Mobile video
The video series will see play on social media and digital channels, making it the perfect way to capture audiences on mobile.

Mobile is the ideal way to consume these videos, as they are short and play well on social media.

In addition, the empowering message is meant to be one that customers will want to share on social media and get reactions from their friends.

The campaign mirrors others that different brands have employed recently that make similar use of empowering messages for women.

Activia debuted a similar video series earlier this month (see story).

Additionally, Dove has made this type of campaign one of the cornerstones of its marketing strategies (see story).

?Viacom is thrilled to partner with the ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment (AFE) on this important initiative, and I?m personally very passionate about advancing the #SeeHer movement,? said Amy Hyland, executive vice president of Viacom Marketing and Partner Solutions. ?A Women Did That is the perfect message to engage MTV fans around #SeeHer, and we know this is just the beginning of Viacom?s commitment to this cause.?