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Sprint, campaign against texting while driving

Sprint and have partnered for the ?Thumb Wars: Teens vs. Texting & Driving? campaign.

The campaign is meant to increase awareness of accidents and empower teens to join the fight against texting and driving. The spokesmen for the campaign are NBC?s ?Community? stars Joel McHale and Ken Jeong.

?Car crashes are the leading killer of teens in the United States?and texting while driving makes you four times more likely to cause a crash,? said Megan Anhalt, Los Angeles-based director of media and talent relations for ?Teens know how dangerous texting and driving is, but they do it anyway.

"We created a campaign that raises awareness in a cheeky and fun way that is relatable to teens, but still drives action against this deadly practice,? she said. is an organization dedicated to creating a culture of volunteerism. By leveraging communication technologies and social media, allows teens to convert their ideas and energy into positive action.

Declare a thumb war is targeting people who are 25 and under with a core focus on teenagers.

This campaign is currently running and will end this summer. At that time, new drivers can visit to learn about how to increase awareness about the issue.

Teens can order ?thumb socks? to prevent them from texting and driving as well as enter a bumper sticker design contest.

The thumb socks are a way to make drivers unable to text and drive. They serve as a reminder to not text and drive as well as spread awareness about the issue.

In order to receive these thumb socks, drivers have to let the organization know how they are going to use them to raise awareness and prevention of texting while driving in their communities.

Spokesmen Joel McHale and Ken Jeong star in the public service announcement on where they start a thumb war to encourage teens to fight for this cause of texting and driving.

Here is a video of the campaign:


In 2005, Sprint started a program ?Focus on Driving,? joining with educators and law enforcement to educate young drivers on safety.

Now that texting and wireless activities have become more prevalent, Sprint decided to join with to take the next step in engaging teens on the benefits of safe driving habits.

?We?ll distribute our PSA?s [public service announcements] across various networks including TV, online and other outlets,? Ms. Analts said. ?We?ll also utilize our extensive social networks and will be tweeting and facebooking up a storm, encouraging others to spread the word.?