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Target, Dove, Lincoln iPad campaigns outperform online counterparts

Target, Unilever?s Dove and Ford Lincoln's rich-media iPad advertisements are claimed to have delivered high levels of user engagement, according to campaign metrics.

The brands' iPad campaigns saw higher engagement than their online counterparts, claims textPlus. The rich media ads ran via the textPlus iPad application and all encouraged consumers to click to watch a video. The three campaigns had higher video completion rates than their online video counterparts. 

?We partnered with AdMarvel for ad serving when we launched our iPad app,? said Polly Lieberman, New York-based vice president of advertising sales for textPlus at Gogii. ?We initiated a relationship with PointRoll to create beautiful ad units based off of campaigns that the advertisers were already running online.?

TextPlus was not willing to reveal campaign results specific to each advertiser.

However, the company did claim that three campaigns that ran on textPlus? iPad application delivered average interaction times of 30 seconds, and as high as 53 seconds for one advertiser.

Time spent with each ad correlated with the amount of content included in the ads.

Interaction rates (measuring the number of people tapping to expand and engaging with the ads, as a percentage of impressions) ranged from 0.9 percent to 1.5 percent in the first month, up to 6 times the benchmark for comparable click-to-expand ads on desktop PCs.

In addition, textPlus claims that 67 percent of users who viewed a video component of the ad in the application watched it all the way through, compared to a 53 percent completion rate for desktop.

For Ford, textPlus and PointRoll extended the Lincoln MKS campaign into a full-screen click-to-expand advertisement using the large iPad canvas to create an engaging advertising experience.

Video and an interactive image gallery let users engage directly with the brand.

Users were also able to interact with the landing page right within the ad itself.

Here are the various creative elements of the campaign.

The ad is in the lower right corner of the textPlus application:

Once consumers click on the ad it expands and the clicker gets the option of viewing a photo gallery:

Users are also able to view videos:

Consumers have the option of clicking through to a landing page:

The Target campaign aimed to build awareness and buzz for the Zac Posen Collection launch exclusively for the retail giant.

The ad appeared in the lower left corner of the textPlus ad:

Consumers that clicked were routed to an expandable ad unit that offered a click-to-video option:

Dove was promoting its men's line of deoderant and other male hygene products via the iPad rich-media campaign.

Here is the creative:

This is the expanded full page ad:

Consumers could watch a video created specifically for the iPad ad:

Additionally, consumers had the option of watching a television spot:

These campaigns show that the iPad can be a successful supplement to a 360-degree campaign across devices to strengthen and further lift audience engagement.

?The key here is that probably all of these advertisers really stepped up to try out something new,? Ms. Lieberman said. ?Generally speaking, they are all fairly committed to innovation and we are thrilled to have them all participate.

?Mobile is about reaching people when they?re not necessarily in front of their computers,? she said. ?The iPad introduces a new dimension to that advertiser objective, with a larger canvas more akin to the desktop computer.?

Dan Butcher reported for this story.