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Facebook makes significant strides in improving user satisfaction: report

Facebook had the biggest jump in satisfaction rates among an overall increase for social media sites that is creating a halo effect for brands marketing through these channels, according to  a new report released today by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. 

ACSI research has shown a rapid spike in positive sentiment for brands marketing through social media channels, as the industry has scored 74 out of 100 on the ACSI scale. Facebook is ahead of the group in improvement, increasing 12 percent, signifying marketers should look into leveraging the platform to connect with consumers. 

?Social media sites are doing better in three key areas based on users? perceptions, more targeted advertising means users do not have to filter through so many ads that tend to slow and dampen the experience, users feel sites are paying more attention to privacy concerns and doing a better job of protecting information, and finally social media sites are at the forefront of mobile accessibility, more so than news, opinion sites and even search, information sites,? said David VanAmburg, managing director at ACSI. ?In a world where users increasingly turn to mobile platforms for their social media, it is critical that sites make the experience as seamless and easy to use as possible.  

?So far it appears social media sites are making good strides in that arena,? he said. 

Facebook findings
Social media platforms originally ranked among the lowest industries in the ACSI, and have now sky rocketed in customer satisfaction. The index showcased the social media sector has surpassed Internet news and opinion Web sites, 

Facebook is now vital in terms of social media marketing, and the index has ranked it with a score of 75. The uptick is most likely due to improvements in advertising authenticity and interface, as well as security updates. 

Consumers are now looking to Facebook for updates in news and social happenings, which allows publishers and brands an authentic approach in extending their reach to consumers. These users are also happy with advertising, as it coincides with the user experience without intruding. 

Facebook focuses on targeting consumers, which means advertising is more relevant to users and more likely to resonate and correspond with content they are interested in. 

Social standings
Pinterest is an important social channel to pay attention to as well, as it consistently kept its spot at the top of the index this year and last year. It has improved to a score of 78, which is a three percent increase from the previous year. 

Instagram is highly regarded by social media users due to its mobile experience and interface. It debuted for the first time on the Index this year, with a score of 76. 

YouTube has also increased 4 percent to a 76 point score, with viewing time increasing 60 percent.

However, Tumblr and LinkedIn are resting on the bottom, with the least satisfaction rates. Tumblr received a score of 69 and LinkedIn a 68. 

?Social media is a word-of-mouth platform that makes it easy to share information, and mobile devices make that process even easier,? Mr. VanAmburg said. ?As smartphones become ubiquitous, brands should remain focused on integrating social media into their mobile experience.?

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer