Yves Rocher boosts e-mail efficiency by 1,200% with B2C marketing automation platform from SALESmanago

June 27, 2016

The marketing automation platform SALESmanago has been implemented in some of European online stores of Yves Rocher, a worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand. The software boosted the company’s e-mail marketing efficiency by 1,200 percent and increased the number of new users who buy the suggested sets of products displayed on dynamic recommendations boxes as their first purchase to 30 percent.

SALESmanago was initially implemented in an online store of Yves Rocher in Poland, but shortly afterwards it was also rolled out to the company’s e-commerce sites in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. By implementing marketing automation the company wanted to streamline the conversion of website visitors to customers and to differentiate offers taking into account customers’ transactional histories.

Yves Rocher uses the SALESmanago software for customer database segmentation (e.g. "new contact", "newsletter subscriber", "buyer"), lead nurturing (automatic educational e-mails with content about the company, its philosophy and natural cosmetics the company makes) and the integration with website contact forms for pulling data to personalize communication. It also uses it for dynamic 1-to-1 emails to reach out to people who visited the website but didn’t purchase anything, with a customized coupon or to remind them of the abandoned shopping in the cart.

Other areas where the marketing automation software is used by Yves Rocher include sending birthday emails to customers with discount coupons for male/female products as well as recommending products on the website depending on users' engagement level (i.e. how many times they visited the website before) and the content they frequently viewed.

On average, SALESmanago has been responsible for 1,200 percent growth of Yves Roches’ email efficiency thanks to dynamic messages as compared to the bulk product communication. It has also contributed to inducing 30 percent of new users to buy suggested sets of products (such as shampoo and conditioner, with the information about combined purchase discount) recommended in dynamic boxes as their first purchase in the store. Offering cosmetics sets increases shopping cart value. The company has also increased its birthday communication efficacy by 200 percent, improved its dynamic emails average OR by 50 percent and its CTR by 15 percent. All those numbers come from the Polish market.

In future, Yves Roches is planning to transfer proven and effective practices as regards marketing automation to its online stores in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. Other options for development include rolling out capabilities introduced with newly added enhancements to the SALESmanago platform for B2C marketing automation, such as lead acquisition via social media thanks to automated Facebook ads as well mobile marketing automation with customer behavior tracking in mobile apps.

SALESmanago has proved to be an excellent tool for streamlining the conversion of website visitors into customers and differentiating offers based on customers’ transactional histories. We are looking forward to transferring the best practices in this field to Yves Rocher online stores in other markets,” said Greg Blazewicz, CEO at SALESmanago..

Additional information

Yves Rocher is a worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand, founded in 1959 by the French entrepreneur Yves Rocher in La Gacilly. The company is present in 88 countries on five continents and employs 13,500 personnel, excluding more than 215,000 through additional indirect jobs. The Yves Rocher Group generated EUR2.012bn turnover in 2004. The Group also manages the brands Daniel Jouvance, Dr Pierre Ricaud, Isabel Derroisné, Petit Bateau, Kiotis, Stanhome and Galérie Noémie. More information on Yves Rocher is available at http://www.yves-rocher.com.

SALESmanago is a leading marketing automation platform. It was indicated a global leader of marketing automation for the B2C and SMB segments by Venturebeat. Moreover, in its recent analyst report GetApp (Gartner’s company) named SALESmanago a marketing automation category leader. The company is headquartered in Krakow, Poland, and has over 200 employees in offices in NYC, London, Bangalore and Bucharest. Over 80 percent of the company’s revenue comes from online stores and B2C companies, including significant brands like Orange, WWF, Yves Rocher, Aviva and thousands of small & medium-sized companies. SALESmanago’s 2015 revenue growth was over 200 percent compared to the previous year.

You can try SALESmanago’s software for free as well find out additional information at: www.Salesmanago.com, www.Appmanago.com.