AI bot will handle sales and customer service on Facebook

July 21, 2016

The marketing automation platform SALESmanago launched a first-ever bot for Facebook Messenger that can automate customer service and sales on Facebook. The new tool works using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is fully integrated with the marketing automation software of SALESmanago. Thanks to this, it can recommend you products based on your previously recorded behavior from various channels.

The bot can be used by any company to automate its customer service and sales through Facebook. Once you initiate a talk through Facebook Messenger, the bot recognizes you and links up the conversation with your profile in the SALESmanago software. Using the information on your behavior from all available channels, including desktop, mobile, Facebook, ad networks, call center or even points of sales, it can recommend you products, check your order status or help in the complaint process.

“This works also the other way around. All the data from your conversation with our bot is transferred to your profile and can be used to automatically customize the offer for you in the future. It can be presented to you by means of e-mails, dynamic product recommendation boxes on the seller webpage or Facebook ads. All of this is automated by our system,” said Konrad Pawlus, CTO at SALESmanago.

Using the bot requires setting up a new or having an existing profile on Facebook as well as configuring the tool in the SALESmanago platform. It is a very easy and straightforward operation as all you have to do is follow the prompts of a special bot wizard. It tells you what to do at each step.

“Our bot uses freely defined logic diagram conversation and dedicated mechanisms for ecommerce, all of this based on Artificial Intelligence. Theoretically you can talk with the bot about anything, but we recommend using it mainly for e-commerce purposes as this is the reason why it has been created,” added Konrad Pawlus.

Additional information

SALESmanago is a leading marketing automation platform. It was indicated as a global leader of marketing automation for the B2C and SMB segments by Venturebeat. Moreover, in its recent analyst report GetApp (Gartner’s company) named SALESmanago a marketing automation category leader. The company is headquartered in Krakow, Poland, and has over 200 employees in offices in NYC, London, Bangalore and Bucharest. Over 80 percent of the company’s revenue comes from online stores and B2C companies, including significant brands like Orange, WWF, Yves Rocher, Aviva and thousands of small & medium-sized companies. SALESmanago’s 2015 revenue growth was over 200 percent compared to the previous year.

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