AdRoll Launches Account-Based Marketing Capabilities, with Industry-First Customizable Ads and Reporting, to Map Entire B2B Customer Journey on One Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today AdRoll, the performance marketing platform, announced the general availability of AdRoll ABM (account-based marketing), a first-of-its-kind personalized digital marketing solution tailored for business-to-business (B2B) companies. With AdRoll ABM, B2B marketers can seamlessly target key accounts, dynamically create personalized ads on a one-to-one scale, and show the impact of their efforts with a connection between two powerful marketing technology platforms: CRM and programmatic advertising.

The B2B sales process is complex and disconnected; the path to conversion can take months, and often involves online and offline touch points with people across siloed departments who use different tools to track leads. Marketers using AdRoll ABM are able to connect the entire B2B customer journey by integrating with CRM and marketing automation solutions like Marketo.

AdRoll ABM also gives B2B marketers the ability to personalize ads specifically for their target contact. Historically, marketers have seen incredible performance using these highly personalized ads — click-through rates that are over 1.8 times better and cost-per-clicks that are nearly 30 percent more efficient.¹ With AdRoll ABM, B2B marketers will be able to seamlessly expand their ABM strategies beyond marketing automation platforms and into digital advertising, with unprecedented access to a comprehensive prospecting and personalized performance ads solution on a single platform.

The new solution also leverages AdRoll's core technology and IntentMap™ data, which identifies potential customers who look and act like current customers. The IntentMap is the world's largest private pool of opt-in intent data with over 1.2 billion user profiles, over 300 million of which are associated with deterministic cross-device IDs. Access to the IntentMap allows marketers to expand their list of qualified target accounts.

"With 10 years of research and development in our bidding technology, we saw an opportunity to leverage that capability with marketers who were looking to target very specific accounts as a part of their ABM strategy," said Peter Clark, head of B2B product at AdRoll. "We already serve over 16,000 B2B customers, and saw a need to create a full-funnel solution customized to their complex, high-ROI pipeline. The B2B marketer faces many challenges, but with AdRoll ABM, finding the right solution to identify valuable leads will not be one of them."

AdRoll ABM helps growing B2B businesses optimize their digital marketing with:

Targeting: AdRoll ABM helps identify key accounts for the sales team by integrating with CRM and marketing automation solutions. This enables marketers to target based on any field, including sales stage, geography and job title.

Personalization at scale: B2B companies can customize ads to almost any field, catching a key lead's eye and closing targeted accounts faster across priority accounts and newly discovered, quality prospects.

Impactful measurement: AdRoll ABM gives marketers insight into how and when leads are engaging and converting. End-to-end reporting breaks down the impact of campaigns with enriched end-to-end reporting.

Data-driven decisions: AdRoll ABM integrates with AdRoll IntentMap™, giving marketers access to the largest opt-in data co-op. This data identifies prospects who look and act like existing customers, so marketers can target the leads most likely to convert.

AdRoll will be demonstrating its new solution at SiriusDecisions Summit, booth #538. Join Paul Suway of PagerDuty and Shane Murphy of AdRoll as they explore the mindset, skillset and dataset needed to build a successful ABM strategy today, Tuesday, May 16 from 10:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. in Bellini 2101.

AdRoll ABM is now generally available. For more information, please visit:

About AdRoll 
AdRoll is a leading performance marketing platform with over 35,000 clients worldwide. Its suite of high-performance tools works across devices, helping businesses attract, convert, and grow their customer base. The company is home to the world's largest opt-in advertiser data co-op, the IntentMap™ with over 1.2 billion digital profiles. AdRoll's goal is to build the most powerful marketing platform through performance, usability, and openness. 

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¹ Q4 2015 -Q1 2017, AdRoll internal metrics.