BugReplay Launches “Feedback by BugReplay,” a New, Easy-to-Use Tool for Marketers to Report Website Bugs

August 28, 2017

NEW YORK – August 22, 2017 – BugReplay, a provider of an innovative set of web browser tools that make reporting bugs faster and fixing them easier, today announced the availability of “Feedback by BugReplay,” an easy-to-use bug reporting tool that enables users to quickly and accurately submit detailed bug reports about website problems to customer support teams. Downloadable as a Google Chrome extension, Feedback creates a synchronized screen recording of a website user’s actions, network traffic, JavaScript logs and other key environmental data, reducing the time to complete the task of bug reporting of up to an hour or more to less than a minute.

With Feedback, all users have to do is click on the BugReplay button on their browser, click “record” and then retrace their steps that led to the problem, click on the “record” button again to stop recording, and then click “save” to finish. By recording multiple streams of information and then playing them back simultaneously in an integrated video player, Feedback reproduces in a video clip what tech support would see if they had encountered the problem first-hand.

Tech support staff automatically receive the Feedback video bug report, which captures environmental data about a bug reporter’s browser, operating system, locale, date and time of the report, time zone, system memory and other information. All headers and cookies are saved and displayed alongside the request, so customer support professionals no longer have to ask basic questions like, “Are your cookies enabled?” Screenshot sessions allow users to take unlimited screenshots in one session and edit them with the built-in image editor.


“Feedback by BugReplay is intended for anyone who has a vested interest in a website functioning properly,” said Sam Kaufman, co-founder and CTO of BugReplay. “If you’re dependent on a website for your business and it stops working properly, you need to report the problem to your tech support. By using our Feedback browser extension, reporting a problem will take a lot less time than other methods and your bug report will capture all the information customer support needs to fix the problem quickly.”

In his 12 years of experience as a web developer for the likes of Heavy.com, Takkle, a social network for connecting high school athletes with college coaches (acquired by Alloy Media + Marketing), Dow Jones and SocialFlow, Kaufman says that the reporting of simple bugs can typically take 15-20 minutes, while more complex ones can take as much as 45 minutes to more than an hour to report. With BugReplay, he says, bug reporting is reduced to less than one minute.

“Reporting bugs and replicating the problem for customer support is a very tedious and difficult process, especially when the web user and customer support professional are not sitting right next to each other,” said Kaufman. “People rely on a mix of tools such as screenshots, screen recordings and detailed notes to report bugs, but these are time consuming and offer an incomplete picture at best. Feedback by BugReplay takes these frustrations out of reporting, requires no technical knowledge by the website user and allows tech support to see exactly what went wrong so they can figure out how to fix it quickly.”

Feedback integrates with JIRA, GitHub & Slack and offers custom email integration that will send an email to any address after a report is created. It also integrates with Zendesk so users can attach videos to their support tickets. Users can also share their reports with anyone by creating a shareable URL. The Feedback dashboard lists all reports made so users can easily review reports submitted by anyone within an organization. 

Feedback by BugReplay can be downloaded for a free, 30-day trial period at https://bugreplay.com. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Feedback is a monthly subscription; its pricing is based on frequency of use.

About BugReplay:

Founded in 2015, BugReplay is a leading provider of an innovative set of web browser tools that make reporting bugs faster and fixing them easier. Its mission is to develop easy-to-use tools for diagnosing and repairing issues with web applications. Based in New York City, BugReplay’s offerings include: BugReplay, a screencast and network debugging tool for web developers and internal software testers; and Feedback by BugReplay for customer support teams. For more information, visit www.bugreplay.com and follow on Twitter: @bugreplay.