Send large encrypted files, encrypt unlimited clouds, chat in securest E2E encrypted messenger, the all in-one-app, get2Clouds®

March 16, 2018

Most comprehensive cloud security app that’s cost free and ad free delivers complex encryption and data protection in the most simplistic and intuitive user experience

LONDON, March 16, 2018 – Tiny independent London based company, NOS Microsystems is taking on tech giants with its free comprehensive cloud security app, get2Clouds®. With encrypted file transfer, unlimited encrypted cloud sync, and the securest end-to-end (E2E) encrypted messenger that works even on SIM-less devices, get2Clouds is the one stop solution to protecting your data.

Cloud computing has become the norm with an estimated 70 percent of enterprises currently using cloud services for file storage, and the market is rapidly growing. Around18 percent of files uploaded to cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration services contain sensitive data. Security in the cloud remains poor with a staggering 36 percent of global organizations breached and 44 percent of IT leaders claiming to feel “very” or “extremely” vulnerable to data threats. A heavy reliance on the cloud is cited as the main reason for a data breach.

“With these stats, many companies are jumping on the cloud security bandwagon, but the market is saturated with mediocre and difficult to use products that don’t do enough,” warned engineer and NOS Microsystems CEO Oliver Wessling, “I saw the tsunami of cloud computing coming in 1999, and I understood then as I do now that it’s as risky as it is convenient. That understanding has informed everything we do at NOS. We are a really small team, but experts when it comes to this topic. We know what is really needed for the user and get2Clouds has been meticulously designed so give them all of the convenience of the cloud, but none of the risks,” he added.

There is no registration with get2Clouds. Upon downloading, users are given a 555 number that they can use to send messages and files anonymously. This means it also works on SIM-less devices. The number can be changed to a more memorable one, or the users’ personal phone number making it easier for contacts to find each other.

“Journalists could use their own personalized 555 number under their byline so whistleblowers can send them files and messages directly via the encrypted ecosystem of get2Clouds, and without having to worry about interception from hackers or authorities. No need to download Tor and bother about encrypted emails. Just download the multi-platform app,” added Mr. Wessling.    

The app could also revolutionise the healthcare industry making securing patient files easy, and allowing large file transfer and messaging between doctors. Healthcare professionals commonly use messaging apps that are found not to be secure. While patient confidentiality is recognized by the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the healthcare industry is the most cyber attacked. Last year alone, the NHS in the UK was rocked by a breach of 26 million patient files.

The encrypted bubble of get2Clouds boasts secure file transfers of unlimited size, secure cloud sync, an E2E encrypted messenger and more. The application quickly and safely encrypts data and sends it where it needs to go. Users can send files via the get2Clouds secure cloud or sync their current cloud as it works with all major cloud providers.

get2Clouds in a nutshell

No registration necessary

Automatic international 555 number for devices with no SIM or to protect anonymity

Communicate, cloud sync and transfer large files in one encrypted bubble

Fast, secure file transfers of unlimited size and of all kinds on the go

Compatible with major cloud providers

Transfer either via the integrated encrypted messenger or email

Set personalized password for highly sensitive files

Verify contacts’ identity with FaceCheck®

Set the time you want your files to be sent (great for time differences)

Optional self-destructing messages

Separate corporate and private cloud profiles

Easy-to-use drag and drop function

Mobile and desktop application, use across multiple devices

Small size application so doesn’t hinder device performance