October 17, 2018

As Mid-Term Elections Near, Creative and Business Transformation Agency Launches Social Content Promoting Voting as an Opportunity for Celebration


LOS ANGELES, OCTOBER 17, 2018 - Phenomenon, the full-service strategic business consultancy and creative agency, has created a :90 video and a :15 video that launched October 16th on social and other digital channels as part of non-profit Civic Nation’s ongoing #VoteTogether campaign.  The nonpartisan campaign aims to make voting an opportunity for celebration and increase voter participation across the nation as we approach the mid-term elections. Specifically the campaign equates voting with community, championing togetherness and planting the seed for cross-generational lifelong participation by creating a new culture of civic engagement rooted in celebration and fun.


The new videos encourage celebrating the vote by hosting events from backyard BBQs to block parties, community parades, and gatherings at home, in the office, on campus and at polling places. The goal of #VoteTogether is to inspire voter turnout not through the weight of individual responsibility, but the lightness and sociability of the process. It presents the social, shared experiences of voting in a way that motivates people to not just make it to the destination, but enjoy the journey as well. The campaign also offers a downloadable toolkit available at, which makes it easy to organize successful voting events.


“Voting can be fun, and we can prove it to you,” said Erica Hoholick, President Phenomenon.”Our team has created a campaign that surprises people with a setting and a situation that is unexpected and will spur action and participation. We believe that voting needs to become a vital part of culture and this is one way to show how that change can happen.”


"We are thrilled to have Phenomenon as the first video content partner for #VoteTogether and a member of the Creative Alliance,” said Zeppa Kreager, Director of the Creative Alliance at Civic Nation. “I feel confident that with their contribution we are going to be able to recruit more people from across the country to host #VoteTogether parties and make voting more fun and inclusive longterm."


You can view the videos here:

:90 Jenny’s dead:

:15 Celebrate your way:


See production credits below. 


#VoteTogether started in 2016 with 9 celebrations. In 2017 it expanded to 57 celebrations. This year Civic Nation will host between 500 and 800 celebrations across the country and they are encouraging community leaders and individuals to host their own. Civic Nation hopes to have 1000 registered events by individuals across the nation. This year the #VoteTogether campaign launched on September 5, in partnership with a team of agencies including: Mekanism, which is managing the campaign’s digital ads program, focusing on lead generation for people to sign up to host events; BerlinRosen, which is creating email content, social media management, sms/chat box tools and website development; and DKC, which is managing public relations. 


About Civic Nation

Civic Nation is a non-partisan non-profit that works in four key areas: education access, civic engagement, gender equality and social justice. Our team combines the power of policy experts, community organizers and creatives who have united together for greater action. Our initiatives are grassroots efforts, locally supported to make a national impact. Civic Nation is supported by the Creative Alliance, a network of 80 + companies devoting pro-bono capacity to develop world class strategies and activations that fuel our initiatives. Through the Creative Alliance, we empower people with the tools, resources and platforms normally available only to the world’s biggest brands. The creative marketing world is at the cutting edge of social influence—and in today’s social climate it’s time to use advertising power to change the world. 


About Phenomenon

Phenomenon is not just an ad agency, not just a strategic consultancy, not just a design firm or a product innovation shop – it is the first agency of its kind. Motivated by one killer truth – familiar is failure, Phenomenon offers consulting, design, products + services and communications. Founded in 2006, independently owned Phenomenon champions invention over convention with an obsession to define unexpected pathways to success. Past and present clients include Intuit, Crate&Barrel, CB2, Wilson Sporting Goods, St . Jane Chicago, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros., KB Home, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Disney, American Express, Aetna and Neustar. Find out more at



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CREDITS Campaign: #VoteTogether


CIVIC NATION- :90 Jenny’s Dead 


Client: Civic Nation

Agency: Phenomenon

CEO & Founder: Krish Menon

President: Erica Hoholick

Chief Strategy Officer: Jason De Turris

Executive Creative Director:Jay Gelardi

Creative Directors: Tim Bateman and Jonathon Runkle 

Chief Production Officer: Kat Friis

Senior Producer: Karin Ostrander

Brand Lead: Naz Heyat  

Brand Supervisor: Adam Fishbein


Production Co.: Bob Industries 

Director: Brigg Bloomquist 

Director of Photography: Pablo Berron 

EP / Managing Partners: TK Knowles and John O’Grady

Executive Producer: Brian Etting

Line Producer: Andrew Keller 

Post & VFX

Editorial Company: Optimus 

Editor: Angelo Valencia

Assistant Editor: Emily Hayes              

Post Producer: Joanna Woods                                 


Composer: Alain Emile

Music Supervision:Good Ear Music Supervision

Music Track: Someday by The Strokes   



Sound Design/Mix/ Telecine

Company: Therapy Studios 

Sound Designer/Mixer: Eddie Kim

Colorist: Omar Inguanzo 

Executive Producer: John Ramsay

Producer: Juliana Watson


CIVIC NATION- :15 – Celebrate Your Way


Agency: Phenomenon

Executive Creative Director: Jay Gelardi

Creative Directors: Tim Bateman and Jonathon Runkle 

Chief Production Officer: Kat Friis

Producer: Karin Ostrander

Brand Lead: Naz Heyat 

Brand Supervisor: Adam Fishbein

Director: Evan Sartory

Editor: Evan Sartory  

Telecine: Therapy Studios

Colorist:Omar Inguanzo

Stylist: Nancy Bernal

Music Track: Someday by The Strokes

Music Supervision: Good Ear Music Supervision