6sense Launches New Sales Intelligence Experience Available Directly Within Customers’ CRM System

November 07, 2018

Major release to the 6sense ABM Orchestration Platform uses data insights to enhance experience for sales professionals


SAN FRANCISCO, November 7, 2018 - 6sense, the leading ABM Orchestration Platform for B2B marketing and sales, today announces new features to enhance its existing sales experience. The Sales Intelligence enhancements change the way revenue generating teams create and drive pipeline with easy-to-consume insights designed to drive sales action in coordination with marketing.


6sense Sales Intelligence brings together CRM, marketing automation data, web engagement data, and 6sense’s anonymous intent data to provide comprehensive and centralized visibility into account intent, engagement and reach activity directly within their existing CRM platform. Benefits of the new features include:


Tracking an account’s engagement over time to uncover trends in their readiness for outreach conversations enables sales reps to send timely, relevant messages

Visibility into anonymous intent from key accounts, based on relevant keyword research and website visits, allows for customized and timely outreach

Assessing the engagement status of the most important personas in any given deal allows for quick tactical adjustments to reach all key influencers within the CRM


"ABM is not a marketing-only initiative – it is crucial that account managers, sales development reps and other members of the sales team are collaborating and aligned,” said Matt Senatore, Service Director of Account-Based Marketing at SiriusDecisions. “Sharing critical target account insights such as recent topical interest and engagement history in a sales platform that the sales team is familiar with makes it easier for revenue teams to take action.”


Starting today, customers with active subscriptions to 6sense’s sales offering can maximize their efforts with Sales Intelligence and additional enhancements such as ABM alerts — quick-to-setup notifications that deliver a summary of notable account activity — allowing sales reps to take action on potentially urgent or critical outreach, as well as updates to 6sense’s master company dataset and associated AI.


"This update was designed as a response to sales teams’ requests to be empowered with insight to prioritize their time better, make their outreach more relevant, and shed light on what their prospects' really care about at any given time,” said Amar Doshi, 6sense VP of Product. “For those who subscribe to the BANT qualification approach, getting an early advantage on learning about 'need' and 'timing' can make all the difference in deal outcomes."


Find more information about the latest features and sales offerings at 6sense.com/products.


About 6sense

6sense is the leading B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales. 6sense’s mission is to empower marketing and sales teams with 100 percent visibility into buyers; who they are, needs and timing. 6sense provides marketers with omnichannel connectivity and visibility from brand to demand to revenue. 6sense predictions power all downstream sales and marketing systems with intelligence on who is in the market to buy, what products, when they will buy and where they are in the buyer’s journey. 6sense enables intelligent growth resulting in a new pipeline, higher marketing to sales conversions, larger opportunity size and increased sales productivity and effectiveness with teams focusing on the right “in-market” buyers with a need now.



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