Bidalgo Launches Industry-First Post Attribution Asset-Level Data for Google App Campaigns to Give App Marketers Greater Accuracy, Transparency and Control

Posted Apr 26, 2019

Bidalgo Launches Industry-First Post Attribution Asset-Level Data for Google App Campaigns to Give App Marketers Greater Accuracy, Transparency and Control


With accuracy in asset-level reporting and optimization, Bidalgo brings a staggering 30% lift in ROAS to Google App Campaigns


San Francisco – April 26, 2019 Bidalgo (, a leading provider of ad automation software and services for app marketers, announced today the launch of post attribution asset-level data (Asset HD) and enhanced AI-powered automation for Google App Campaigns. Now, for the first time since Google transitioned all app install campaigns to Google App Campaigns (previously Google UAC) in October of 2017, app marketers have access to accurate reporting data down to the asset level, so that they can analyze creative performance and optimize campaigns accordingly.


Google App Campaigns run optimized install campaigns on inventory across all relevant Google properties, including Google Play, Search, YouTube and the Google Display Network. Currently, Measurement Partners don’t have transparency to asset-level data, leading to a lack of accurate, post attribution data throughout the industry. On top of that, Google provides marketers with approximated reporting on basic, pre-attribution data such as impressions, clicks and conversions but the numbers are often difficult to interpret and take action on. Bidalgo’s algorithm for asset level heuristic data (Asset HD) relies on user funnel, pre-attribution data and other inputs to provide highly accurate information about the post-install performance of each asset as it affects revenue, payers, transactions and more.


“Google App Campaigns are an incredibly powerful yet simple way for app marketers to drive high-quality installs,” said Niv Yemini, CTO & co-founder of Bidalgo. “But at the same time, it has taken away some of the control from app marketers who are used to having more dials and levers they can adjust in order to optimize their campaigns. With our solutions for Google App Campaigns, we are putting the power back into those marketers’ hands by providing greater transparency into asset performance and enabling them to better manage and optimize their campaigns.”


Bidalgo improves Google App Campaigns by providing:


Asset HD – While Google only provides pre-attribution, campaign-level data for metrics such as impressions, clicks and installs, Bidalgo provides Asset Heuristic Data (Asset HD). We use a data science-driven heuristic technique to calculate asset-level performance, including Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), based on post-install attribution data from leading mobile measurement partners. This enables the breakdown of performance for assets including text, video, display image and HTML5 playable units. Until now, these assets were only looked at collectively.  

AI-Powered Automation – Bidalgo’s proprietary AI algorithms create a campaign using smart asset selection by looking at the assets’ historical data. Once the best assets have been determined, it analyzes their performance and adds or removes as needed. Marketers can now build campaigns based on the best-performing assets and optimize campaigns automatically based on that data.


To get started with Bidalgo AI for Google App Campaigns, app marketers can contact their Bidalgo account manager or email [email protected].


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