Gawronski Media Officially Launching Amazon Services

June 29, 2020
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If there is one thing we have learned from this pandemic, it's that consumers are experimenting with online grocery and DTC (Direct to Consumer) Food & Beverage purchases like nothing we have ever seen before.

Mom's will purchase larger orders in bulk of nonperishable food items for their family, while not minding the 3-5 day wait, younger consumers are likely to try a new brand they were just recently introduced to, a product with a trendier ingredient(s), etc. The mix of patience from cleared out grocery store shelves and an empty schedule helped fuel this expedited curiosity. 

It is crucial that brands are present serving ad impressions where the shoppers are, and lately, that means more than just one platform. Gawronski Media has made it very clear to clients, from an eCommerce perspective, Paid Social Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) is your best bet for generating higher levels of awareness, and a respectable return on adspend.

Amazon still is and will continue to be the main driver of volume, and the most practical way to scale your Food & Beverage brand online. Gawronski Media is officially announcing their expansion into Amazon, including both paid campaign strategies, as well as listing optimizations, and storefront designs.

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