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Leading Coaching and Talent-Building Platform Team Up To Democratize Leadership Development at all Levels of Enterprise

Feb 23, 2021

February 23, 2021 – Learn In, the world’s first upskilling-as-a-service platform that empowers companies to keep employee skills current among rapid technological change, is partnering with Sounding Board, Inc., the leading Coaching Enablement Platform and managed coach network that scales, manages, and measures complex leadership development programs across the enterprise. Together, they provide the essential tools all companies require to gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive world.

Long-reserved for the C-Suite, coaching has seen explosive growth in the last decade, as HR and People officers reached critical mass in needing to upskill employees at all levels of a company just to meet basic business objectives. Coaching improves work performance, team effectiveness, communication skills, and time management skills. 86 percent of companies that expanded coaching programs stated that they pay for themselves with gains in productivity and employee satisfaction, resulting in measurable business impact. 

“Sounding Board recognizes that leadership development shouldn’t be a perk reserved for the C-suite. A strong leadership bench throughout the organization creates a competitive advantage” said David Blake, CEO of Learn In.

Sounding Board is the only unified coaching platform and managed coach network that scales, manages and measures complex leadership development programs across the enterprise. Its AI-powered platform provides an agile learning environment, aggregated actionable data insights, and measurement in one place. Clients saw major improvements across key capabilities, including a 173% increase in the ability to successfully interact with others across all functions.

“Our clients see major improvements across key leadership capabilities in less than six months,” said Christine Tao, Co-founder & CEO of Sounding Board. “Partnering with Learn In will help us bring coaching out of the boardroom and into the (home) office to enable companies to unlock leadership that drives growth.”

Learn In works with enterprise businesses to build high-skill, on-the-job training programs into their benefits packages, integrating top online courses, coaching, and tuition assistance. Learn In also offers coaching to connect learners of all abilities and available time with relevant programs. The Learn In platform also measures outcomes and tracks the cost advantages of upskilling internally instead of hiring or training externally.

Together, Sounding Board and Learn In offer enterprises access to top upskilling programs and provide an end-to-end, cloud-based coaching platform that allows enterprises to seamlessly manage, scale, and measure coaching on one unified platform. In simple terms, Sounding Board connects its world-class leadership coaches to employees for upskilling and leadership development. As a result, the partnership will enable businesses to better meet the urgent need for workforce upskilling and leadership growth at scale.

About Sounding Board

Sounding Board disrupted a decades-long and well-established coaching business model that was costly, and in a domain exclusive to senior executives.  With the goal of democratizing access to coaching globally, Sounding Board was one of the first to market with a virtual 1:1 coaching program that achieved the economics necessary to expand access to leadership coaching throughout an organization with a specific focus on sustainable leadership capabilities that tie directly to business impact.  Sounding Board’s best-in-class coach network covers over 60 countries and 15+ languages around the globe. For more information please contact [email protected]

‍About Learn In ‍

Learn In is a new talent-building platform to inclusively uplevel your workforce for tomorrow’s needs. Unlike on-the-fly microlearning, misaligned 4-year degrees, or the revolving door of hiring and firing, organizations use Learn In to identify talent-building goals, manage learning time, access flexible financing, and select skill-based programs, generating measurable outcomes for every dollar spent on upskilling the workforce. Co-founded by the founders of Degreed, Learn In is backed by leading edtech & future-of-work investors, including GSV, Album, Firework Ventures, and Village Global, and has been covered in CNBC, USA Today, EdTechReview, EdSurge, and Techcrunch.