Briefbid Launches a Free Tool that Connects Marketers to Niche Publishers

Posted May 04, 2021

Toronto, ON. May 4, 2021 — BriefBid, a Toronto-based media discovery platform that helps media buyers discover new vendors, has built a tool to connect media buyers with pre-vetted, niche publishers. The tool is free for advertisers and helps marketers and publishers establish direct partnerships to overcome the challenges in a cookieless future.

Launched in 2018, BriefBid algorithmically matches media buyers with AdTech vendors — demand-side platforms, ad networks, and ad exchanges. The platform has gained traction with mid-size and large ad agencies. In 2019, BriefBid also added vendors in emerging media channels to its marketplace, including Connected TV, Digital Audio, Digital Out-of-Home etc.

Today, BriefBid is connecting media buyers directly to publishers. “Marketers are looking for more direct partnerships now,” co-founder Lidia Vijga said. “We also saw a surge of requests from publishers, so adding a tool to connect the two felt like the right move.”

Media buyers can find the discovery tool on BriefBid’s platform, and they can opt in to receive proposals only from publishers if desired. Publishers go through a robust vendor vetting process before being connected to media buyers. Within the BriefBid platform, media buyers can manage a centralized vendor list and communicate directly with publishers from RFP to execution.

“We've had an excellent experience with BriefBid, which has empowered SelectFew Strategists to quickly source competitive media purchasing options from both established and upstart vendors across channels. We look forward to continuing to work with them to drive nimble, efficient marketing strategies for SelectFew clients.” - Zack Holland, CEO & Founder at SelectFew

About BriefBid: BriefBid strives to reduce waste in paid media by algorithmically matching media buyers with pre-vetted media sellers. Used at media agencies like Publicis, The Media Kitchen, SelectFew and many others, BriefBid helps media buyers better leverage the strengths of each media vendor. In addition to vendor discovery, BriefBid also helps buyers manage vendor communications, and streamlines the RFI and RFP process.