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August 19, 2021
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Verfacto, an analytical solution for data-driven marketing, has received native support of Shopify! It is now available for all Shopify users directly from Shopify Marketplace.

"Around 40% of eShops connected to Verfacto are powered with Shopify. It is the most popular eCommerce platform among our users. The new Shopify plugin connects Verfacto to a store with a literally single click. So now all Shopify users are just one click away from switching to truly data-driven marketing," — explains Andrejus Sereika, Business Developer at Verfacto.

Verfacto automatically analyzes eCommerce data to generate insights that improve the performance of digital marketing. To achieve high quality of data insights, Verfacto reduces dependency on third-party data to the maximum. Instead of cookies that once have been an industry standard and now are dying out, Verfacto uses first-party behavioral data, which is unique to every shop and thus more reliable.

As soon as Verfacto connects to a store, it tracks users' behavior on the website. Then the behavioral data is mapped to customer and order data creating rich customer profiles.

The next step is segmentation of customers by various characteristics, including behavioral patterns. Verfacto segments customers both with RFM and machine learning models. While RFM segmentation is quite common and clear for eCommerce businesses, it can't offer the same level of personalization as machine learning segmentation. 

ML segments are unique for every business and usually show things that are hidden from human eyes. Every subsequent ML analysis makes the segmentation more precise and insightful due to the self-improving nature of the algorithms.

This approach allows to build unique knowledge about visitors and customers and use it to predict and anticipate customer behavior, improve conversions, precisely target audience in ads, make smart discounts, and much more.

Core features

Improve conversions

Increase conversion rate with data-driven insights. Reveal distinctive patterns in customers' behavior and anticipate their actions with on-site marketing tools: offer a discount, send an email, remind about new arrivals when it will have the strongest effect.

Predict customer behavior

Distinguish customers who are going to spend more than others even before they make a purchase. Is anyone about to leave you? You will know it soon enough to prevent it.

Precisely target audience

Find out distinctive characteristics of your best customers and target them on advertising platforms with detailed settings or automated features such as Lookalike Audiences in Facebook.

Reduce costs per acquisition

Choose acquisition channels that work best for you. See which of them bring you better customers for less money based on customer lifetime value.

Sell more with cross-sell and upsell suggestions

Get a list of potential buyers for your products. See the exact time when each of the prospects has the highest chance to buy them.

Smart discounts

Discounts shall drive your profits, not rip you off. Offer discounts at the right time and to the right customers to make sure that it will increase their loyalty or motivate them to spend more.

Why Shopify analytics is not enough?

Ecommerce businesses miss out a lot relying on Shopify analytics only. And while it shows you how much you sell, it won't tell you how to sell more—even if you buy the advanced plan.

It won't show you what to sell

One of the Shopify analytics' limitations is in providing truly insightful data. Yes, it can help you to know who is buying specific products, how customers came to your store, and how that product has been selling over time. However, most analytics tools can provide such information. 

If you want to make more effective data-driven decisions, you need to know more. Verfacto lets you have access to full Product Analytics, including in-depth reports about products that have been performing well over time or have the highest chance to sell. If any product drives your sales or, on the contrary, is the reason why customers leave, you will know that instantly.

You will understand your customers' preferences much better with live product trends. They reflect both the historical and current popularity of products based not only on what customers buy but also on what they view. 

Some products push customers to buy other products later. Verfacto's machine learning algorithms reveal such patterns and show them as product pairs together with a list of customers who are likely to buy the second product. Send them a newsletter with a product offer—and here are additional sales with zero extra budget spent.

Customer reports are too basic

Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus users can benefit from customer reports. They can compare first-time customers versus returning customers, show their location, and pinpoint your loyal customers and who are about to leave. Although it is valuable information, most business owners and marketers would like to have a better understanding of the audience. 

This is where Verfacto steps in with its Customer Data Platform. Multi-dimensional view—from segments to individuals—gives you a full picture of your audience. You will know how much they spend on purchases, how long they are active on your website, how regularly they buy, and whether there are any characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd. 

There are no customer behavior predictions

Shopify behavior reports are good at showing how your shop performs. You will see how many sessions your customers had and how many customers added to cart or reached the checkout page. It's definitely something you would like to know, but it gives you zero understanding of what lead to adding to cart or pressing the "Checkout" button.

With Verfacto, you can turn behavior statistics into behavior patterns. The patterns explain what actions are likely to lead to a desirable outcome, be it visiting a particular page, making a purchase, or coming to the shop again. 

You are one click away from data-driven marketing

All these features are available out of the box in all subscription plans that start from only $99 per month. Subscriptions tiers are based on the volume of processed data to make it affordable for businesses of any size.

Verfacto supports all popular eCommerce platforms via developer-free API integration, including WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Opencart, and Shopify. Custom platforms can also be connected upon request.

Start using Verfacto now on any platform and enjoy a 1-month free trial!

About Verfacto
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