Pavone Marketing Group Doubles Down on Loyalty, POS and Shopper Marketing with Acquisition of East/West Marketing Group

September 17, 2021
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Steve Sapka
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Pavone Marketing Group (PMG), a Pennsylvania-based, independent marketing and research holding company, has acquired Manhattan-based East/West Marketing Group, bolstering PMG’s presence in New York and expanding its loyalty marketing, POS, and shopper service-line services.   

For more than 30 years, East/West Marketing Group has built a reputation as an agency with a “boutique-like mindset and agility” while carving a niche as one of the industry’s leading loyalty, POS, and shopper-marketing experts. According to PMG Director of Communications Lisa Corry-Godby, East/ West’s agility and marketing clout coupled with Pavone’s CPG experience is a natural benefit for existing clients.  

“With any acquisition, we look for relationships that are mutually beneficial. We want a partner that’s going to make PMG stronger, better and more competitive. With its loyalty marketing, shopper service-line services and New York City location, East/West Marketing Group does exactly that,” said Corry-Godby. “We also want to bring something valuable to the table for our new partner, and we’re excited to do that for East/West. Additionally, Pavone Marketing Group’s dedicated food and beverage agency, quench, stands to gain significantly as shopper, POS and loyalty service lines are now even stronger with this acquisition, and we’re excited to bring this to our clients.”

For East/West Marketing Group, the move expands the group’s client base with access to PMG’s trio of industry-focused agencies, including Pavone (health care, financial services, retail and entertainment clients), quench (food and beverage marketing) and Varsity (mature market and retirement living). PMG also includes WildFig (data, science and analytics), Leap (research and innovation) and Market Street Trust Design Co (packaging, logos, branding and web design).    

The move marks the third acquisition in the past three years for PMG.  

“We know loyalty marketing and brand activation up, down and sideways, and we’re going to put those skills to good use for Pavone and our new clients,” said East/West Marketing Group’s Craig Moser. “We’re also puzzle solvers. The journey to purchase is more complex now than ever before. Together with Pavone Marketing Group, we’re looking forward to solving that puzzle.”   

The strategic and operational loyalty marketing services PMG will gain from East/West Marketing Group include customer segmentation, program auditing, financial modeling, platform and technology assessment, and digital and direct marketing loyalty communications.    

East/West Marketing Group employs 12 full-time staff members and boasts an active client roster that includes Ritz, Oreo, Lysol, and Revlon, among others. The agency will retain its name and office space in New York City.  

Pavone Marketing Group clients include Sun-Maid, StarKist, Del Monte, Herr’s, OPTAVIA, and Greystone Communities. For more about Pavone Marketing Group, visit For more about East/West Marketing Group, visit  

About Pavone Marketing Group Pavone Marketing Group, founded in 1992, is a full-service marketing and research group listed on the Inc. 5000 that is composed of Pavone (consumer and business-to-business marketing), quench (food and beverage marketing) and Varsity (senior and retirement living marketing). It also includes WildFig (data, science and analytics), Leap (research and analytics) and Market Street Trust Co. (brand, environmental and experiential design). PMG has offices located in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Chicago. Follow Pavone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.