OKRP Named AOR for Ferrara's NERDS Brand

November 03, 2021
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Toni Lee
Toni Lee Communications
CHICAGO — Ferrara has named OKRP as its advertising agency of record for its growing NERDS brand, following a review. The agency will handle advertising and activation initiatives for NERDS expanding portfolio. The brand has taken its nostalgic mini-candies and created new and popular varieties as NERDS Gummy Clusters, NERDS Ropes, Big Chewy NERDS and its latest NERDS Candy Corn just in time for the Halloween season. “OKRP really understands the fun, colorful nature of our brand, and how to activate on the delight of eating our growing NERDS portfolio,” said Joey Rath, Brand Manager for NERDS Candy at Ferrara. “We are excited by this new partnership and the opportunities to build even greater awareness and engagement with our consumer.” NERDS have been experiencing a rapid growth spurt, making it one of the hottest selling sugar brands. OKRP is being tasked with building on that momentum and will introduce a new brand platform for the products in early 2022. It’s the agency’s first assignment in the confections category. “NERDS plays to our sweet spot – a fun-loving brand that inspires joy,” said Tom O’Keefe, CEO of OKRP.

About OKRP

Chicago-based OKRP (www.okrp.com), named by Advertising Age for “Best Culture” in 2021 and as an  “A-List Standout Agency” in 2019, is a new model independent advertising agency that believes in putting the “agent” in agency, by bringing its clients the best ideas and solutions from a variety of partners and creators. OKRP has intentionally built a fully-diverse leadership team and agency, believing that diverse views create better and more impactful work. OKRP clients include P&G, Ace Hardware, Cars.com, Illinois Lottery, Illinois Office of Tourism, Fellowes, Ferrara Candy, Marco’s Pizza, Nike Chicago and Home Chef among others.  

NERDS is the playful and fun-to-eat candy with a variety of delicious, crunchy, chewy and gummy options: Original NERDS including the iconic dual-flavored box, NERDS Ropes, Big Chewy NERDS… and now NERDS Gummy Clusters. The original iconic box couples two complementary flavors with dual chambers, allowing candy lovers to pour out perfectly imperfect pieces of pure delight. NERDS Ropes give fans a chewy, fruity string packed with crunchy, sweet NERDS, and Big Chewy NERDS and Sour Big Chewy NERDS have a crunch that surrounds a chewy center. The new NERDS Gummy Clusters have tangy, crunchy, mini NERDS clustered around a sweet gummy center for a poppable tasty bite.

About Ferrara
Ferrara, a company related to The Ferrero Group, is an emerging powerhouse in the North American confections and sweet snacking categories. A passionate team of nearly 6,000 employees works together to share delight in every bite through leading brands that have shaped the industry for more than 100 years. Our diverse portfolio of nearly 35 brands includes SweeTARTS®, Trolli®, Brach's®, Black Forest® and NERDS®, along with iconic favorites like Lemonhead®, Red Hots® and Now and Later®. Ferrara also manages the Keebler® and Famous Amos® businesses for The Ferrero Group. Headquartered in Chicago, Ferrara has an operational network of 20 locations in North America that includes manufacturing, distribution and R&D facilities. Learn more at www.ferrarausa.com.