As 2022 approaches, consumers and retailers alike see brighter days ahead and a return to “normal.” For most shoppers, that means once again browsing the aisles, with nearly 74% of retail sales expected to take place in physical stores into 2024. 

But given the stresses of recent years, customers are more abrasive than ever, quick to irritate when they encounter friction. Just one bad experience can cause one-out-of-three shoppers to stop buying from brands that they love. That’s why retailers need to focus on meeting high expectations through convenient shopping events that put frazzled consumers at ease and build engagement and loyalty. Join this webinar for a look at five potential areas where consumers might experience frustration—along with solutions for how you can provide more seamless experiences—including:

  • Inventory shortages and supply chain issues
  • Merging the gap between omnichannel experiences
  • Redeeming promotions
  • BOPIS processes
  • Payments