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Dunkin? Donuts marries coffee and mobile via interactive ad campaign

Dunkin? Donuts is testing consumer knowledge of its brand via an interactive mobile advertising banner that lets them find out their coffee IQ, as well as learn more about the company.

The company is running in-app mobile banner ads within the New York Times iPhone application.

Consumers are encouraged to click on the ad to test their skills.

?In terms of a brand like Dunkin? Donuts, they are well known,? said Neil Strother, Kirkland, WA-based mobile practice director at ABI Research.

?When a brand runs mobile ads, especially in the New York Times app, it furthers the engagement,? he said. ?People love questions ? it?s fun to answer questions.

?It?s a clever way to entice people when they have a few moments.?

Mr. Strother is not affiliated with Dunkin? Donuts. He is commented on the story based on his expertise on mobile advertising.

Dunkin? Donuts and The New York Times did not respond by press time. 

Test me
The Dunkin? Donuts banner ad reads ?What?s Your Coffee IQ??

The mobile banner ad

When consumers click on the banner ad, they are redirected to another page that features a question with four possible answers.

After users pick the answer they want, they are then redirected to another page that lets them know whether their answer is right or wrong and lets them move on to the next question.

Consumers can see if their answer is right or wrong

?I think it makes sense to do something like a banner,? Mr. Strother said. ?They?re not as expensive or complicated like an iAd.

Mr. Strother also believes that the New York Time app presents an ideal canvas for a brand such as Dunkin? Donuts.

?Clearly, they have a fairly large audience,? Mr. Strother said. ?Some number of eyeballs are looking at any given campaign and that company is going to get a lot of impressions.

?That?s a good audience in general,? he said.

Social features
In addition to testing their coffee skills, consumers can like Dunkin? Donut?s Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

The social offerings are featured on the answer pages and helps engage consumers with the brand further.

Consumers can become a fan of the Dunkin' Donuts Facebook page

Consumers can follow the company on Twitter

?It?s a fun engagement,? Mr. Strother said. ?I?m assuming it?s a light hearted campaign.

?Getting some coffee is a relaxing experience,? he said. ?Coffee to me implies taking a break.?

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York