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Social, TV cross-pollination continues with new Trident, Dunkin? Donuts spots

In a reflection of Vine?s growing importance with marketers, new television ads from both Trident and Dunkin? Donuts broke yesterday that were created using the mobile social application.

Vine is Twitter?s video service that was launched earlier this year and creates six-second videos. The news reflects how the convergence of mobile and social is influencing the way brand content is being consumed as well as created.

?The target consumer for Trident Layers are millennials, who we know are continuing to change their media consumption habits,? said Farrah Bezner, marketing director for Trident at Mondel?z International, Deerfield, IL. ?It?s therefore critical for us to be on the screens they are looking at, with content they?re interested in.

?As we planned the best way to bring the ?Paid in Layers? campaign back in a fresh new way for today?s audience, we knew that both content and channel would be crucial,? she said. ?By leveraging popular Vine celebrities, and testing engagement on the social platform prior to launching on TV, we were able to select the Vine that resonated with them the most in the short form nature that our consumers are starting to expect.

?We believe that by being true to the Vine format in an unexpected place we will grab our consumers? attention to have them engage with our ?Layers? messaging. Since we understand that social and TV are connected, we are also redirecting consumers from the TV Vine back to social with our hashtag #paymeinlayers.?

The six-second spot
The ads are notable for their length ? just six seconds ? when most TV ads are 15 or 30 seconds. This reflects the growing interest in short, up-to-the-minute content as consumers increasingly engage with a variety of content via mobile and social outlets.

As a result, Vine is seeing growing use among marketers. Virgin Mobile, Zatarain?s and Jack in the Box are just a few of the brands that have worked with Vine since its launch.

Using Vine for TV ads also reflects how Twitter continues to try to build a bridge connecting TV viewing with social media as more and more consumers watch their favorite programming with a smartphone or tablet in hand. For example, Twitter earlier this year introduced TV ad targeting, enabling marketers to engage directly with people on Twitter who have been exposed to their ads on TV.

The TV spot was made using the Vine app

Another new program, Twitter Amplify, enables media companies to deliver real-time in-Tweet video clips to drive the social conversation around a program.

The spot for Trident Layers is appearing on the music TV network Fuse and will air more than 100 times during the coming two weeks.

It is a re-imagination of the Paid in Layers campaign launched by Trident in 2009 and targets millennials. The premise is that the gum is so delicious, people will accept it as a form of currency.

Social content
The effort is an extension of Trident?s partnership with Fuse and Twitter that originated earlier this year with the creation of Trending 10, a show highlighting the ten most popular music entertainment stories of the day on Twitter. It airs weeknights at 7:30 pm ET on TV as well as online in segments that can be shared via social media.

Trident worked with Vine agency Grape Story and two popular users on Vine to create a series of Vine videos for the Paid in Layers campaign and then picked the one with the strongest engagement to air on TV.

The Dunkin? Donuts Vine spot aired during the Monday Night Football pregame show on ESPN last night. The spot is five seconds and appears between segments.

Dunkin? Donuts, which was an early marketer to get onboard with Vine, has created four spots that will run during the football season. 

The donut bakery chain will also tweet a Vine in each game?s final quarter with a #DunkinReplay hashtag that is a recreation of a memorable play from the game made with Dunkin? Donuts products.

Dunkin? Donuts is supporting the strategy with Promoted Tweets on Twitter targeting users who are watching the game.

Two-way conversations
The Trident effort is part of a multi-channel campaign to engage the target audience across a variety of content streams. It includes a traditional 30-second spot that was actually paid for in Layers and a new content series featuring a millennial who shares his adventures paying for things in Layers on social media.

?The re-imagination and modernization of the Trident ?Paid in Layers? campaign will include multiple mobile components,? Ms. Bezner said. ?All elements are mobile-friendly, and any traditional media will drive back to our social, and therefore mobile, communities.

?We know that our consumers rely heavily on their mobile devices, and in order to break through, we need to be part of that world,? she said. ?Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will all be leveraged in both paid and organic ways.

?We will engage in two-way conversations and ensure we get into their feeds, which we know they are looking at while in the store at the checkout, where we sell Trident Gum.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York