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Mondelez?s Sour Patch Kids personalizes social engagements via Snapchat

The consumer packaged-goods company, home to brands such as Oreo and Cheese Nips, launched a five-day Snapchat campaign dubbed "Real-life Sour Patch Kid" that documents prankster Mr. Paul?s takeover of the brand's Snapchat account this week. It is the latest example of a brand levering mobile to connect with fans through both photo-sharing and gaming functionality.

?Sour Patch Kids has a prankster-like personality, and working with influencers who encompass our sour-then-sweet identity gives our characters a relatable voice,? said Lauren Fleischer, senior associate brand manager for Sour Patch Kids.

?The brand focused on Snapchat for this activation because the native behaviors and disappearing functionality that are unique to Snapchat make it a valuable platform for us, as we like to offer value to our fans in different forms ? from entertainment to exclusive content that they can't get elsewhere.? 

Sour, then sweet 
Mr. Paul will post a daily description of his antics on Sour Patch Kids? Snapchat account. The pranks will change in tone from sour to sweet, keeping in line with the brand's "first they're sour, then they're sweet" slogan.

In the inaugural seven-second message, a Sour Patch character first doused Mr. Paul with water and threw crackers at him but gave him water to drink by clip?s end.

The candy brand promoted the @SourPatchSnaps Snapchat account last week on Facebook and Twitter.

Mr. Paul will also post to his own Snapchat and Twitter account to promote the Sour Patch Kids content.

The campaign is part of Mondelez?s plan to shift more of its spending to high-return, low-cost mobile advertising, which reaches customers where they are using media today.

Last year, digital represented a quarter of the company?s total media budget. It aims to top 50 percent by 2016.

Logan Paul with a Sour Patch Kids character.

In June, it announced a big commitment to programmatic to improve the effectiveness of online video buys across screens. The company said it would shift 10 percent of its TV budgets to online video this year and has teamed up with TubeMogul to automate the way it plans, buys and serves online video inventory across all online channels.

Personal approach
?With our fans using so many different social channels each day, Snapchat really stood out to us in being able to engage more personally with our fans - it allows us to speak with consumers in the same way that they speak with each other,? Ms. Fleischer said.

Snapchat allows users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. ?We see it is a very personal approach, since it gives us the ability to send content and messages one-to-one,? she said.

?We know that mobile is an important platform for our fans so we will continue to explore the best ways to engage them in new and exciting ways.?

Final Take
Michael Barris is staff reporter with Mobile Marketer, New York.