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Budweiser uncaps party-worthy Super Bowl recipes via sponsored social ads

Budweiser is spiking brand awareness ahead of the Super Bowl by rolling out sponsored advertisements on Facebook featuring recipes for party snacks that consumers can make with the brand?s beer.

The beverage marketer is undoubtedly attempting to appeal to legions of football fans readying themselves for Super Bowl 50, taking place on February 7. The ads entice Facebook users to click on the link to be taken to Budweiser?s official Pinterest page, which showcases party-worthy recipes for meals including beer-battered wings, cheese dip and BBQ pulled pork.

?Budweiser is iconic when it comes to Super Bowl advertising,? said Keith Petri, vice president of strategic partnerships at IgnitionOne, New York. ?Using Facebook Custom Audiences in a way that connects with people in anticipation of the big game is definitely smart on its part.

?It could even be better if those audiences can be infused with propensity scoring based on what [Budweiser] already knows about its customers online,? he said. ?Making the connection based on drink preference and frequency, for instance, and tailoring the messaging around that would help it hit a home run.  

?As users are redirected to Pinterest after clicking the ad in this case, there?s a nice blend of the two social platforms. It also may help expose a broader audience to the Budweiser brand.?

Social media touchdown
As consumers begin to prepare for game-day get-togethers, Budweiser is aiming to ensure that its brand of beer stays at the forefront of everyone?s minds. While a slew of alcohol marketers are ramping up to target potential audiences via social media, Budweiser is taking its strategy to the next level by offering valuable information in its advertisements: how to make ideal party appetizers and entrees.

?The Super Bowl is notoriously one of the most anticipated days of the year for advertisers, but as consumers have gone increasingly digital, brands have needed to become much smarter about crafting a cohesive, cross-platform campaign that branches out from the traditional 30-second TV spot on the day of the event,? said Mary Beth Keelty, chief marketing officer of PM Digital, New York.  

?A pre-Super Bowl promotional strategy has also become more important for garnering awareness, and in this case, Budweiser is using the intersection of two critical social networks ? Facebook and Pinterest ? to engage consumers prior to the big game,? she said.

?This not only allows it to better monetize its overall social efforts for the Super Bowl, but it gives it major relevancy points for fans looking to brew up some creative recipes for Super Bowl parties and gatherings. It also sets the foundation for longer-term relationships with consumers post-event, which is a key element in building brand advocacy.?

Facebook users may spot the sponsored ads embedded within their news feeds. One version contains a tagline proclaiming ?Fruit platters are my favorite game-day snack ? said no one ever. Make some respectable food.?

Individuals can then scroll through several bite-sized ads to view Budweiser?s available recipes. If one seems of interest, users can click on it to be taken to the beer marketer?s official Pinterest page, which is mobile-optimized.

There, consumers may read the full recipes for a slew of treats worthy for game day, including beer-battered onion rings, burger sliders and BBQ pulled pork.

Each featured recipe contains Budweiser beer, meaning that consumers who want to create some of the delicious concoctions must stock up on the brand?s beverages to do so.

For example, an individual interested in making the beer-battered onion rings must purchase the necessary ingredients of garlic powder, Spanish onions, flour, salt and pepper, paprika and Budweiser beer. The beer will add flavoring to the batter, which should then be poured onto the onion slices.

In addition to a spike in brand awareness on one of the most relevant cultural events for beer brands, Budweiser is also likely to enjoy an uptick in social media followers on its Facebook and Pinterest accounts ? which could come in handy for future social campaigns.

?If the campaign KPI?s are based on increasing the number of followers, it certainly can help,? IgnitionOne?s Mr. Petri said. ?Because the product is being positioned as a key ingredient in multiple recipes, instead of just as a beverage, it is likely to attract a new set of followers who have interest in the recipe ideas being provided by the product accounts.?

Offering recipe information gives consumers an added reason to interact with the ad. Several other food and beverage marketers have recently hopped onto this strategy as well.

Panera Bread ramped up 2016 sales with Facebook advertisements featuring a mobile-optimized video that teased a new recipe for a fan-favorite item (see story).

Catching millennial interest
Budweiser?s sponsored Facebook ads are a smart way of capturing the fleeting attention of millennials, particularly those set to host football-themed parties. Additionally, consumers who find their cooking skills lacking in some department may find great use in the easy-to-follow recipes, which can be viewed via mobile devices.

Millennials are increasingly relying on their smartphones for help in the kitchen, as 59 percent claim they cook with their tablets or smartphones nearby, according to a 2015 study from Google (see story).

Budweiser has previously tapped mobile to connect with new audiences.

Last spring, the brand introduced consumers to a national competition, the Bud and Burgers Championship, by leveraging a partnership with culinary expert David Chang and inviting users to nominate their favorite burgers by uploading a photo or video onto Budweiser?s mobile-optimized site to showcase why it is best paired with the brand?s beer (see story).

Ultimately, other food and beverage marketers may choose to take a leaf out of Budweiser?s book when it comes to social media advertising tactics.

?This is a smart, creative move by Budweiser, and one that other food and beverage companies should absolutely explore,? PM Digital?s Ms. Keelty said. ?For brands that don?t necessarily have the spending power for the traditional million(s)-dollar 30-second spot on game day, this kind of social media strategy is an effective way to gain brand awareness and boost engagement with fans.

?People are always on the hunt for recipes, particularly those who are looking to wow their guests at Super Bowl gatherings. The recipe craze is very much alive on both Facebook and Pinterest ? we see popular media companies like Tasty and BuzzFeed Food using short video ?how-to?s? and images to get their audiences engaged.?