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Levi's favors noninstrusive approach with opt-in, geotargeted ads

Denim brand Levi?s is creating a more meaningful advertising experience for customers of Boost Mobile through a campaign that pairs an opt-in strategy with geotargeting to provide a discount on monthly charges. 

Boost Mobile users are being given the option to save money on their monthly bill if they download an application that provides geotargeted ads, which appear on the locked screen of the mobile device. Levi?s is leveraging the app to bring nearby consumers into stores, but through an ad experience with which users are choosing to engage instead of interrupting popups. 

?Opt-in advertising gives higher return on investment for advertisers and publishers, guaranteeing 100 percent view-ability of ads and content versus market rate of 40 percent,? said Matt Berriman, CEO of Unlockd, the developer behind the app. ?It is helping brands connect more closely with genuine consumers while offering a better consumer experience as they ads and content they are being served is targeted to their location and interests.

?Opt-in advertising is also changing the way people pay for their phones,? he said.  ?For example, with Boost Dealz the consumer knows they will also receive $5 off their monthly bill as a return for opting in so not only are they being served relevant ads, content and offers but are also reducing their monthly phone bill simply by downloading the app.?

Zipping up mobile 
Levi?s and a variety of brand and retailers are engaging with users who choose to download the Boost Dealz app for a chance to interact with advertisers and receive a discount on their monthly phone bill with Boost. 

Users download the app, which automatically opts them in to be targeted with local advertisements. Levi?s geo-technology will pick up users who are in the area of their stores. 

A mobile advertisement will appear on the locked screen of the user?s mobile device. Consumers that participate with the advertisement will receive a discount on their Boost Mobile bill. 

Starbucks and Lyft are other brands leveraging the advertising solution. 

Levi?s mobile marketing 
The denim giant also incorporated independent musicians in its last spring revamp of the Live in Levi?s campaign with a heavy presence in mobile (see more).

The brand added three mobile strategies to its repertoire for a recent update to its Live in Levi?s campaign, hoping to reach a wide range of consumers on their smartphones via geotargeting, image recognition and retargeting (see more).

?Consumers open their phones on average 150 times per day, often while on the go,? Mr. Berriman said. ?Geo-targeting impacts advertising as consumers open their phone & their location is tracked. 

?This gives the consumer a tailored content experience and gives advertisers first access to users when they unlock their phone, even before Facebook or Google,? he said. ?Boost customers have the option to install the Boost Dealz app to reduce monthly phone payments in exchange for viewing exclusive content and offers when unlocking their smartphones. 

?Boost Dealz is available to Boost?s current and new customers.?