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Pepsi's trial of MyScreen ad technology garners 26.1 percent CTR

Global brands PepsiCo and Visa have completed a trial of MyScreen's full-screen, end-of-call mobile ad technology and results outperformed industry average click-throughs.

Wireless carrier Turkcell initiated the testing of MyScreen's technology by inviting brands such as Renault, Citroen, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Diesel, Pepsi and Visa to run ads via the platform.

"During the trial, approximately 364 campaigns were published from 61 different brands," said Maurizio Angelone, CEO of MyScreen, Miami. "[The trial is named] Tikla Kazan [and] was based on MyScreen's premium end-of-call ad technology and was a follow-up on Turkecell's award winning Tonla Kazan."

MyScreen is a mobile advertising service that integrates into the wireless carrier's network.

Turkcell is Turkey's No. 1 wireless carrier.

For the trial, Turkcell sent out an SMS to subscribers, giving them the opportunity to win free airtime and minutes. Opted-in subscribers completed a three step process: enter personal demographic information, select interests and download and activate the application.

Once the set-up process was complete the subscribers began to receive full-screen ads at the end of their calls.

Pepsi and Visa's ads used MyScreen's Hot Key engagement feature as a part of the call to action, inviting the subscriber to press G to go the advertiser's mobile Web site or press P to connect via the mobile phone.

G-key ads averaged a 10.9 percent click-through rate with Pepsi receiving the highest CTR of 26.1 percent. Visa saw a 23.9 percent CTR.

P-key engagement averaged 8.8 percent.

In total, almost 99,000 ad impressions were delivered with view time averaging 3.4 seconds.

After the trial, Turkcell conducted a telephone interview with participants in which 76 percent indicated they would subscribe to Tikla Kazan/MyScreen once commercially available and 82 percent indicated they would recommend MyScreen to a friend.

Mr. Angelone said 79 percent of people interviewed said they preferred the end of call ads over traditional SMS or MSS forms.

This isn't the first time that brands have made use of the idle-screen of a consumer's phone.

A recent Dairy Queen mobile ad campaign saw a click-through-rate of more than 22 percent, proving the effectiveness of the mobile channel to engage consumers.

Mobile Posse Inc., a provider of idle-screen content and advertising for mobile, helped Dairy Queen to reach consumers on-the-go through their mobile phones. Consumers opt-in to receive weather forecasts, sports scores, horoscopes and trivia, along with exclusive coupons and discounts.

Content and offers are delivered only when the phone is not already in use, ensuring that customers' experience is not interrupted (see story).

"Ad recall was similarly high with every brand receiving mention from survey participants when asked what ads they remembered," Mr. Angelone said.