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Tiffany & Co. targets luxurious ladies via smartphones

Iconic jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. used mobile to promote its new product line to female consumers in their 30s who use iPhone or BlackBerry smartphones.

Tiffany wanted to create buzz and excitement around its new collection, drive footfall to its new concept store in California and generate product sales. The jewelry brand also wanted to underline the key differences of the new concept store compared to former incarnations.

?Tiffany?s objective was centered around raising awareness of some new store openings in California, highlighting the intimate nature of the new stores and the new type of customer experiences they offer,? said Jon Carney, CEO of Marvellous, London.

?The goal was to drive consumers in store,? he said.

As a luxury brand, a clean, seamless and intuitive interface and user experience were key, according to Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany?s key demographic is high-net-worth females ages 28-54, with a strong interest in fashion, shopping and luxury products.

Marvellous? research showed that within this audience there is a high penetration of top-end mobile handsets, especially RIM?s BlackBerry and Apple?s iPhone. So, the vendor knew that a mobile brand experience for Tiffany?s consumers must be optimized for this handset range.

?Our insight combined with their consumer research found that many of their target consumers are iPhone or BlackBerry users,? Mr. Carney said.

?We identified the iPhone in particular as not only a great way to deliver brand innovation and get that story out, but provide content and functionality that is relevant to that audience, letting them experience the Tiffany shopping experience via their smartphone,? he said.

Combined with this was the need for localized mobile media advertising to connect with people close to the store.

Marvellous created a three-tier campiagn for Tiffany to showcase the new store design and a selection of their products, encompassing separately optimized designs, interface and functionality for standard handsets and smartphones, specifically BlackBerry and the iPhone.

The mobile site let visitors find out about the new store, get directions via Google Maps and click-to-call the store.

Visitors could also browse a limited collection of jewelry, choose their favorite pieces and save their selections to create their own jewelry tray that could also be assembled in-store for them to try on the pieces in person.

Site visitors can even make an appointment at the brick-and-mortar retail outlet.

?When they get to the store the desired products are waiting for them,? Mr. Carney said.

The .mobi site was promoted using geotargeted mobile media ? banner ads placed strategically within other applications likely to be downloaded by the target demographic.

?We drove traffic to the iPhone-optimized site with iPhone media banner ads within iPhone real estate opportunities, and we ran a similar mobile ad campaign for the BlackBerry-optimized version as well,? Mr. Carney said.