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Thumbplay strikes deal with iLike for ringtone sales

Mobile entertainment content provider Thumbplay has entered into an exclusive relationship with social music discovery service iLike to expand its footprint for ringtone sales.

With Thumbplay's ringtones contextually featured throughout and the iLike application on the Facebook platform, consumers now have the ability to discover, buy and download ringtones to more than 2,000 supported and compatible mobile phones.

"Generally one of the main reasons people don't buy tickets to see an artist perform is either they don't know they are on tour or they don't have anyone to go with," said Ali Partovi, CEO of iLike, San Francisco.

"It's similar with ringtones," he said. "People aren't aware of what songs are available. We really think this partnership with Thumbplay will improve the user's experience as a nice way to become aware of ringtones."

"Get ringtone" links to Thumbplay are now featured across the iLike Web site alongside links to iTunes in every relevant song module on artist, album and song pages, as well as users' shared playlists.

Similar links are incorporated into the iLike Challenge, so users can discover and buy ringtones of songs played in the game.

"For those creating Facebook applications and other widgets, the first thing they need to do is get some sense of revenue flowing," said Chris Phenner, senior vice president of business development at Thumbplay, New York.

"Thumbplay seeks to be a partner of record to large entertainment sites," he said. "Wherever you see an Amazon or iTunes link, there is a Thumbplay link as well."

According to Nielsen Mobile's data for third-quarter 2007, Thumbplay is the largest and fastest growing mobile entertainment content destination in the United States.

ILike has 15 million registered users who can now take their music with them as ringtones regardless of which carrier or phone they're using.

Affiliates of iLike include Ticketmaster, TicketWeb, iTunes and Amazon.

"It's great for people to discover ringtones in the most passive discovery context," Mr. Partovi said. "[In the past] finding ringtones has been a search-based act of discovery that requires more active thinking.

"The passive discovery context has the power to drive an impulse purchase and is an important part of driving awareness," he said.