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P&?s Oral-B connected toothbrush integrates mobile rewards for smarter oral care

With more than 1 million Oral-B SmartSeries connected toothbrushes sold, Procter & Gamble will soon be adding mobile rewards to the user experience to drive loyalty and better brushing habits. 

Rewards platform Kiip is Oral-B?s first API partner, enabling owners of SmartSeries toothbrushes to earn rewards such as free music and dining credit when they engage in good oral care. The rewards program is expected to be integrated into the Oral-B application by the spring. 

?The Kiip integration is the first of its kind and at this level of scale ? over 1,000,000 of these brushes have been sold ? and really shows the power of brands in connected devices,? said Brian Wong, CEO and co-founder of Kiip

?It also highlights that Kiip's reward mechanisms ? instant gratification, surprise and delight, and points free ? make it very compatible with these types of experiences on mobile,? he said. ?Not just any rewards mechanism can fit here.?

Building relationships
The Oral-B app uses Bluetooth technology to provide brushing guidance, such as alerts when users of a SmartSeries toothbrush press too hard.

Kiip works by rewarding app users during key moments of achievement.

For example, Oral-B SmartSeries owners may be able to earn rewards for brushing twice a day, brushing on a boat, brushing in three different continents, tongue brushing and brushing early in the morning. 

?This isn't just about the product itself, the smart toothbrush, but about the user's lifestyle,? Mr. Wong said. ?The brand caring about your daily habits is a big deal - and not only that, they'll now be rewarding you.

?Oral-B can now be apart of this person's life by rewarding them with merchandise, discounts, or experiences that they would naturally be interested in on your own,? he said. ?You're building more loyalty when you're a part of your customer's day other than just when they're brushing their teeth.?

Driving customer behavior
Kiip rewards will be triggered based on a user?s habits, location and time. Users must first sync their toothbrush with the brand?s app to take advantage of rewards. 

Users will have an opportunity to earn Oral-B merchandise as well as other branded rewards, including dining credit, health products and free music. The rewards will be selected to match the lifestyle of customers. 

The list of specific rewards will be announced once the program is live within the Oral-B app. 

P&G reports that the real-time feedback provided by the Oral-B app has already improved brushing behavior in its users. The partnership with Kiip is the next step by incentivizing users to improve their behavior while making brushing a more enjoyable experience. 

Oral-B and P&G?s Crest previously partnered with the ChoreMonster app to offer exclusive content and offers for one month, rewarding parents who prompt children to brush their teeth with mobile offers in exchange for using an application (see story). 

Oral-B joins other brands in partnering with Kiip for in-app rewards. 

Last summer, Campari America joined forces with Kiip to offer consumers credit for ride-sharing application Lyft during peak drinking hours (see story). 

?Brands are starting to understand that mobile rewarding is a unique opportunity and is effective,? Mr. Wong said. ?Our existing clients like Home Depot, Campari, Taco Bell ? these brands really understand how to reward consumers in their advertising to build strong loyalty.?