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Campari unscrews real-time data for Lyft offer targeting bar-goers

Campari America is joining forces with mobile rewards platform Kiip to offer consumers credit for ridesharing application Lyft during peak drinking hours.

The campaign, which was created to shine a light on corporate social responsibility and promote responsible safety habits, sees Kiip leverage real-time data to locate mobile users and determine when those over the age of 21 are most likely to indulge in a few drinks. When a consumer is on a Kiip-enabled app during these prime times, he or she may receive a sponsored reward from Campari to use toward the trip home.

?The rewards for this campaign are $5 ridesharing credits through Lyft,? said Brian Wong, CEO and co-founder of Kiip, San Francisco. ?Lyft is a popular brand throughout the U.S., and we felt that $5 could go a long way ? in some places covering a full ride.

?Since rewards are delivered during the moments when consumers are planning their night, these are the times when this reward can encourage responsible decision making.?

Rewarding good decisions
Consumers who are in highly-concentrated areas of bars and restaurants and are on mobile applications affiliated with Kiip during popular drinking times such as weekends, holidays and happy hours may receive the $5 Lyft credit as a reward for continued engagement.

The rewards will be powered by Campari America's Skyy Vodka, Wild Turkey and American Honey Whiskey brands.

Lyft, an Uber-like ridesharing app, enables users to order a taxi ride home with the tap of a finger on their smartphones. Kiip is aiming to inspire positive decision-making during nights out, a tactic which will resonate well with plenty of consumers.

More importantly, a greater amount of users will become aware of the Campari brand, and may even try some of the liqueur during their next happy hour.

The rewards will be displayed within relevant content, including apps such as Mixologist, onthebar, 365Scores and Mixology. Therefore, app usage may spike during prime drinking hours as individuals strive to snag one of the Lyft coupons.

Consumers can easily apply the discount credit code to their existing Lyft accounts and enjoy a less costly trip home.

?At this time Lyft ? in conjunction with Campari America ? is the only brand offering rewards in this campaign, as we feel this is the reward that can have the most impact,? Mr. Wong said.

This is also Campari?s first multi-brand initiative for corporate social responsibility efforts.

Pushing mobile moments
Campari is not the only brand Kiip has tapped for mobile-enabled surprises.

This past March, MasterCard partnered with the rewards platform to delight consumers with more of the credit card company?s Priceless Surprises via a standalone mobile app, affirming that marketers are leveraging mobile as the go-to channel for personalized experiences (see story).

However, Kiip?s campaign with Campari and Lyft offers an example of how to roll out authentic mobile moments with true relevance to users.

Finding a ride home is typically a priority for many consumers on nights out at bars or restaurants, and offering an optimal solution will not go unnoticed by mobile users.

Successful customer engagement and loyalty platforms include apps that provide users with convenience and utility, and offer intelligent and intuitive use rather than relying on gimmicky tools (see story).

Additionally, customers will likely look upon the brands involved favorably, believing they have their best interests in mind.

?The key objective for this campaign is corporate social responsibility,? Mr. Wong said. ?We're aiming to make a positive social difference by motivating consumers to get home safely this summer and enjoy a free ride courtesy of Campari and Lyft.?

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York