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Moviegoers interact with the big screen via Cinime app

Movie theaters in Ireland are connecting with moviegoers before and after films through a new application that integrates personalized content with the big screen. 

The new mobile app Cinime has just launched in Ireland and provides film fans entertainment and further engaged before and after movie showings. Movie theaters are using the app to make a lasting and strong connection to with consumers, as well as connect them more with the films themselves. 

"Cinime's unique in a number of ways, but perhaps the most prominent is the fact that for the very first time, it connects audiences with brands, cinemas, exhibitors, studios through the digital network," said Joe Avea, chief commercial officer at Cinime. "One of the unique features of the app is that it doesn't need a data connection or phone signal to be able to engage audiences with the big screen.

"Brands, filmmakers and studios can enjoy potentially longer conversations with relevant consumers," she said. "Turning that 30 second engagement on the big screen, in to a potential three month relationship with consumers, directly through the app."

Phones in theaters
Cinime offers a wide range of content for film fans to engage with the films and the movie theater brand, solidifying a unqiue and memorable movie going experience. The app allows users to play games that interact directly with content displayed on film screens at cinemas before and after movie showings, based off of technology that listens to audio from the theater. 

Cinime's audio feature through the mobile app

The movie theater app also takes users into augmented reality by bringing movie posters located in the lobbies to life within the app. Users can also win prizes and get access to exclusive footage. 

Advertisers partnered with movie theaters leveraging the app will have an advantage to significantly resonate with viewers, rather than other marketers whose ads can be overlooked and ignore while consumers wait for the film to start. 

Ireland has a substantial movie theater audience, and has one of the highest admissions to cinemas in Europe. Roughly 1.2 million users will be able to leverage the app, and Cineme hopes to expand.  

Entertainment and mobile
Interacting with film and entertainment fans via mobile is vital to making a strong connection with consumers. 

For instance, Universal Studios engaged more than 100,000 consumers and drove awareness for recent horror film Unfriended by enabling users of the Facebook Messenger application to communicate with one of the movie?s characters (see more). 

Also, Viacom had fun and celebrated with consumers through the selfie singing application Hook?d to promote its international summer events, a contest and a variety of content (see more). 

"Cinime wants to become the app of choice for anyone that loves the cinema and the companion app for cinemagoers, allowing them to find what they want before, during and after their trip to the cinema," Mr. Avea said. 

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Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer