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Golf Digest tees up mobile with vertical video series

Condé Nast sports magazine Golf Digest is modernizing its content by launching a new mobile-first vertical video series, bringing tips to on-the-go users through well-known professionals. 

The magazine is cutting its untethered ties by airing a mobile video series, which will allow users to watch instructional videos while on the green or anywhere else they might be with their devices. Golf Digest has the launched the videos in a vertical format as the focus of the series is to allow users an easier viewing experience on how to improve their game.  

"At Condé Nast Entertainment, we create content that delivers on the need state of the consumer," said Michael Klein, execute vice president of programming and content strategy, digital channels at Condé Nast Entertainment. "The Golf Digest consumer wants to view instructional video on the golf course.

"A video series like Mobile Swing Coach perfectly lends itself to the mobile vertical format," he said. "The golf tips offered by pros like Louis Oosthuizen in the series are designed for watching and sharing while practicing or playing on the course. 

"You can watch and improve your game at the same time."

Digesting on mobile
Golf Digest?s first videos of the series features 2010 British Open champ Louis Oosthuizen describing tricks and tips on how to obtain better playing skills such as driving, bunker play, iron shots and pre-shot routines. The videos are featured on the magazine's Web site, but are formatted vertically for better mobile viewing. 
Vertical video is one of the many things to disrupt consumer behavior over the past year. As consumers became less comfortable with horizontally holding their smartphones, content providers had to adjust with the behavior. 

The new Golf Digest series is showing just how pervasive vertical and mobile video has become, as a format that was originally exclusively used by young consumers has now made its way to a publication known for a somewhat older demographic. 

The first video, labeled Mobile Swing Coach: How to be a Better Iron Player, shows Mr. Oosthuizen on video in a vertical format with text and branded surrounding him reflective of the magazine cover. For instance, Golf Digest is featured in big letters at the top, while the name of the video is labeled in a circle to his left and more text placed around him. 

The video instructs users on how to hold a stance through text such as ?keep shoulders square to target line? and ?do not open shoulders to target line? while Mr. Oosthuizen demonstrates. Mr. Oosthuizen shows both correct and incorrect stances, while text indicates yes or no. 

Mobile video evolution
Nike also aired a mobile video series in a bid to connect with younger women through a format and subject matter popular with the demographic while using Snapchat ads and a digital hub to attract viewers (see more). 

Also, E! News improved its video strategy on Instagram recently with branded clips on the social media platform, but most recently its been teasing its upcoming news segments with highlights of what is to come (see more). 

"Our goal with mobile-first video is to give viewers a great experience on their smartphones," Mr. Klein said. "Mobile-first video is a big focus for us at Condé Nast Entertainment. 

"It is important to create content for the consumer that can be optimally viewed on their platform of choice, and mobile is overwhelmingly that platform. Mobile video is also easily shareable," he said. "Experimenting with video formats that optimize the viewing and sharing experience on every screen is a priority for our product and content teams."