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Dex One helps Android users find businesses with new search app

Dex One Corp. has launched a mobile application for Android-based devices to help consumers find local business information.

Users will be able to search on Dex One?s Web site,, which delivers information on millions of local businesses. The application also includes several features that are only available to Android users.

?Our goal is to provide local businesses with as many ways as possible to reach on-the-go consumers,? said Deborah Eldred, director of mobile and personalization at Dex One, Denver. ?The mobile app for Android devices allows our clients ? local business owners - to be able to reach one of the fastest growing subset of mobile users, thereby giving business owners another avenue through which to connect with consumers.

?The Android app expands our mobile presence and is a nice complement to the already-existing apps for iPhone and Blackberry devices, as well as the main mobile search site,? she said.

Dex One is a marketing services company that helps businesses get found more than 1.5 billion times each year by consumers. The company also offers personalized marketing consulting services for local businesses. 

Business search
The Dex One Android application lets consumers search a business by name, type or location.

For example, by clicking on an image of a plate and spoon, consumers are able to see a list of local restaurant results.

?Our primary target audience is local business owners who wish to reach on-the-go consumers searching for specific products or services,? Ms. Eldred said. ? for mobile provides these business owners with the means to reach consumers no matter what device they are using and regardless of where they may be.?

Find me
Consumers can also use the GPS in their Android handset to find search results near their them. They can check movie showtimes, descriptions and buy tickets directly through the mobile application. also includes a ?Locate Me? feature where users can receive driving directions to and from specific locations.

Using the application, consumers can find an individual's contact information or track down a number with the touch of a few keys.

Additionally, the application is available on iPhone and BlackBerry devices. Any user with a Web-enabled handset can visit the mobile Web site.

The company is currently looking at additional platforms. 

?We continue to be very aggressive in the way we promote for mobile,? Ms. Eldred said. ?In the past we?ve promoted for mobile via a number of channels, including TV and outdoor advertising, and will continue to do so.

?We have a dedicated Web site,, which features information about Dex One mobile products and services,? she said. ?We are also working with various ad networks, including AdMob and Quattro Wireless, to drive traffic to the Android platform. 

?Of course, we are also exploring other channels through which to promote for mobile.?