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Intel finds mobile CPC is 40pc more cost effective than online search

Intel tapped mobile search to support its ?Meet the Processors? brand campaign that drove consumers to the technology giant's mobile Web site.

Search agency Covario Inc. tapped Bing for mobile and developed a campaign that used a combination of exact and broad match keywords. The result was that mobile cost-per-click was 40 percent more cost efficient than online search.

?Through continuous optimization, our campaign on Bing for mobile generated significantly lower CPC?s and higher click-through rates than competitive mobile search engines,? said Stephanie McClintock, account director at Covario, San Diego.

Intel is a world leader in silicon innovation and develops technologies, products and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live.

The company was eager to test new search platforms. Mobile is a key focus for Intel and has become a natural extension of its online strategy.

The campaign
One of Intel?s key challenges was to educate consumers about the key product differentiators of its microprocessor series. 

There were a number of factors that contributed to the 40 percent greater efficiency including daily keyword bid updates and weekly ad copy optimizations.

Route optimization also helped to drive higher CTRs and lower CPCs than competitive mobile search engines. 

These factors combined to make Bing for mobile very effective for Intel.

Multichannel effort
Mobile display advertising also played a role in the Intel campaign.

The Hyperfactory was hired to devise a strategy for media, campaign, design and execution.

Intel used display and rich-media ads, which users could expand, drag and interact with to find the right processor for them. It also used basic banner ads that ran on mobile Web sites and in applications.

Advertisements ran on a number of mobile Web sites, including CNN and CBS.

Additionally, The Hyperfactory leveraged its relationship with Pandora to create an Intel promotion within the Internet radio service.

The campaign saw lower bounce rates on mobile than with traditional Web advertising, possibly because mobile users are using their phones and searching for information with greater purpose than users on regular desktops.

Apparently, search engine marketing saw 67 percent bounce rates verses 89 percent for display advertising, per Intel.

And, it saw the lowest bounce rates on iPhones (85 percent), Android (64 percent) and BlackBerry (71 percent) phones.

Intel took these results as a sign that more effort should be made to target the Android and BlackBerry platforms.

?It is great to see Bing for mobile's impressive contribution to Intel's ?Meet the Processors? campaign,? said Charles Johnson, general manager of Microsoft Mobile Advertising, Redmond, WA.

?Not only did the mobile search ad campaign on Bing outperform similar mobile search platforms but it also validated Bing for mobile's ad effectiveness in extending online campaigns to mobile,? he said.

Dan Butcher contributed reporting to this story.

Final Take
Giselle Tsirulnik, senior editor of Mobile Marketer, New York.